Monday, August 25, 2014


Group Therapy (part of Sumedha Sadhana), facilitated by Jose Parappully, the Director of the Centre, concluded yesterday. Participants  expressed a great sense of satisfaction. They were unanimous in their opinion that the therapeutic experience had a healing and  transformative effect on them.

Today (25/8/2014) the participants of the programme along with the staff went on a picnic to the Lakes (Naukuciatal, Bhimtal and Sattal). The picnic, on a glorious sunny day, proved to be a very enjoyable experience for all.

After a day of rest and relaxation tomorrow, participants move on 27/8 into the last module of the programme, the Spiritual Retreat (also facilitated by Jose Parappully).

Monday, August 11, 2014


The 23rd Sumedha Sadhana – Psychospritual Wholeness Journey - begun on July 4 is half way through.

During this period participants journeyed through three different modules – Psychological Dynamics on the Spiritual Journey, Trauma and Healing, and Befriending Our Emotions.

Jose Parappully, the Programme Director, facilitated the “Psychological Dynamics on the Spiritual Journey” – the three–week Foundational module.

Parappully helped participants experientially re-live their developmental experiences following Erik Erikson’s developmental scheme and connect these to their current personality features and relational style.

Following this Parappully explored with the participants their Midlife Journey. He explained the significant Dynamics of Midlife and the Transformational Processes and helped them journey into their past to reconcile with unresolved issues and journey into the future to plan how they want to live out the rest of their lives.

Agnes Panikulam facilitated the “Trauma and Healing” module. Through many real life examples Panikulam presented the nature and consequences of emotional trauma and provided the participants various exercises in self-healing.

Maria Goretti Kanakrathinam facilitated the “Befriending Our Emotions” module. Kanakarathinam presented the meaning of emotions and emotional maturity and helped participants explore and understand some of their major positive, negative, hidden and dominant emotions through research-based data presentation and to process them through art, music, imagery, role play and experiential group exercises. They were introduced to various healing and relaxation techniques.

Celebrations and outings were also part of the Journey Together at Sumedha Centre.

The next Sumedha Sadhana is scheduled for September 29 – November 30, 2014. A few seats are still available. For more information and registration, contact