Thursday, June 26, 2014


It is customary for participants of the Sumedha Sadhana (Psychospritual Wholeness Journey) to go on a picnic to the Lakes (Bhimtal, Naukuciatal and Sat-tal) the day after completion of Group Therapy and before beginning the Spiritual Retreat.

Group therapy, facilitated by Jose Parappully and Maria Goretti K, concluded yesterday (25/6/14). Today we went for the picnic and had a great time together.

After a day of rest tomorrow, on 28th we begin the Spiritual Retreat, facilitated by Jose Parappully, that brings the Sumedha Sadhana to its conclusion.

Sunday, June 22, 2014


The 60-day Sumedha Sadhana (September 25- November 23) was highly appreciated by the 15 participants (9 women and six men).

Some representative comments:

“It was the best course I ever attended, especially for my spiritual and religious life… Experience with God during the retreat was the most useful for me at the moment since I had come here with the feelings of unhappiness and meaninglessness of my religious life. One reason could be my disordered life of prayer. Therefore retreat was my renewal of love for God again.”

“It was a wonderful experience here. A well-integrated course. The experience of inward journey through the process of each module, drawing, responding, dancing, exercising, sharing and praying…. The retreat was the most useful. I have never had the experience of God’s love like this before.”

“It was a wonderful experience for me. … The methodology used is excellent. Everything was well presented, explained, discussed with such a lot of clarity…”

“My stay here for 60 days was a new life for me. With brokenness I came, with wholeness I am going back…. I found the midlife dynamics the most useful. Many things about the second half of life was made clear to me…”

“Received timely aid in midlife transition. Also resolved some very critical and sensitive personal problems”
“The climax was the retreat where I experienced the Lord’s presence. It was a rich experience for me.”

“The programme on the whole was excellent, very meaningful, useful, informative and enriching for my personal growth. The modules, the facilitators and the process couldn't be better. ‘Celibate integration at midlife and beyond’ was very informative and enriching for my personal life.Group therapy followed by the desert experience of the Retreat was what was most beneficial for me. It was a time of personal renewal, inner healing and blessing.

“The retreat was really an awesome experience for me.”

“Enjoyed my stay over here with beautiful panorama around.”

A 6-week Sumedha Sadhana with 19 participants (13 women and 6 men) is currently running at the Centre. It concludes on July 2nd.

A 9-week Sumedha Sadhana commences on July 4th. A few seats are available.