Wednesday, September 16, 2015


The Director of Sumedha Centre, Dr. Jose Parappully, was invited to do three Workshops for the teachers in schools run by Franciscan Missionaries of Mary in Mumbai.

The first Workshop, on September 10, 2015, was for the teachers of St. Antony’s Girls’ High School, close to Mumbai Central station, in a comparatively poor and socially backward area of Mumbai. There were 36 teachers participating.

The topic of the Workshop was “Educating with the Heart.”

Beginning with the inspirational movie “Making a Difference” which refers to the importance of being sensitive to the emotional situations of the students, Dr. Parappully focused on what it means to be an Emotionally Sensitive Teacher.

Sighting relevant psychological theory and research, he  emphasized the importance of creating an environment in which students’ basic emotional needs for relatedness, competence and autonomy are met. He highlighted the crucial role of empathetic understanding and communication.

The second and third workshops were held for the teachers of Villa Theresa School, located at Cumballa Hill, an economically and socially upscale area of Mumbai.

These workshops here were focused on “Enhancing Educational Excellence.”

The first of these workshops, on September 11, was for 36 teachers and non-teaching staff of the secondary section of the school. The second, on September 12, was for 34 teachers of the pre-primary and primary sections.

Using data from Organizational Psychological research, Dr. Parappully highlighted the ingredients that contribute to institutional excellence, and how these can be cultivated at Villa Theresa School.

Short films, songs, experiential exercises, and group discussions were used to explore current realities and future possibilities, and arrive at practical decisions and commitments.

Teachers found all three workshops very relevant and useful. The insights gained and the decisions they have arrived at, they observed, will certainly help them to be more emotionally sensitive and to be more effective both as teachers as well as an institution.