Wednesday, May 18, 2016


The 9-week-long Sumedha Sadhana – A Pychospiritual Wholeness Journey – concluded on May 16. It began on March 15. There were 18 participants, including three from Thailand and 2 Salesians from the Province of New Delhi.

There were nine different modules in this programme. The first was “Psychological Dynamics on the Spiritual Journey” facilitated by Dr Jose Parappully, the Director of the Centre. This was followed by “Feminist and Women’s Spirituality” by Dr Shalini Mulackal; “ Unconscious Dynamics” by Dr Johny Dominic, the Asst. Director of the Centre; “Jungian Perspectives on Personality” by Dr Ajoy Fernandes; “Word & Stories” by Gerard Alvarez; “Midlife Dynamics and the spiritual Journey” and “Psychosexual and Celibate Integration” by Dr Jose Parappully.

The two culminating Modules were “Group Therapy” facilitated by Dr Jose Parappully and Dr Johny Dominic and the Spiritual Retreat, directed by Dr Jose Parappully.

The last two days of the programme were devoted to integration of the soul-work of the 9-weeks and the presentation of the same.

Besides all the serious inner work, there was time to relax with weekly recreation, outings and picnics to the lakes. The open spaces around the Centre provided lots of opportunities for long walks, bird and butterfly- watching and exploring the hills, and even encountering wild animals!

All the participants found the entire programme immensely useful.

Some comments from the participants:

“Sumedha experience was the best thing that has ever happened in my life. It helped me go through the process of healing and transformation in such a gentle and peaceful way….It was simply amazing to see how everything was functioning so smoothly and well.”

“It was thrilling to be at Sumedha. A unique, precious, wonderful experience.”

"From beginning till end it was an “Emmaus Journey.”  Sumedha provided a holding environment for some deep soul work.”

“I discovered more of myself, became aware of my behavioural patterns and able to change myself… My spiritual activities became more meaningful”.

“The programme on the whole was very good. The modules were arranged systematically… and the module facilitators were too good. I really enjoyed each and every bit of the programme. I really relished and cherish the two months’ programme”

“I was really grateful to God for the welcome that I received. Super hospitality, good accommodation and delicious and tasty food that I enjoyed, good services and facilities provided at the Centre.”

“Helped to reflect on my life journey – past, present and future. Blend of practical, spiritual, intellectual, psychological learning.”

“The retreat as a desert journey was truly touching – an experience of deep intimacy with God.”

“Here I experienced family atmosphere, peace, love and freedom. The staff were very welcoming persons, very simple and hospitable.”

“I feel that each and everything was well organized with welcoming spirit, great hospitality, comfortable accommodation, delicious food facilities, and excellent services.”

The next Sumedha Sadhana begins on June 1st and concludes on August 2. The last one for the year begins on September 28 and concludes on November 29.

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Monday, May 9, 2016


The 6th Outreach programme that Jose Parappully, Director of Sumedha Centre facilitated in Thailand this year was a module on “Psychological Dynamics on the Spiritual Journey” from 3rd to 12th March.

This 10-day module was part of a one-month Sabbatical Programme held at the Redeptorist Institute for Spirituality at Minburi, organized by the Association of Major Superiors of Men and Women Religious of Thailand and Laos.

The Institute of Spirituality is located on the sprawling campus of the Ruamrudee International School, run the Congregation of the Holy Redeemer. The provincial House of the Congregation in Thailand is also located on the school campus. Close by there is also the Church of the Holy Redeemer, a very popular place for Christian worship.

There are some very upscale housing complexes close by around a huge lake.

There were 24 participants – 22 women and 2 men- doing the Sabbatical programme. Their age ranged from late thirties to the sixties and seventies.

Topics covered during the Module included: Midlife and Post-Midlife Dynamics and the Spiritual journey, Psychosexual and Celibate Integration at Midlife and Beyond, Celibate Friendship and Holistic-Ecological Spirituality.

Participants were very appreciative of the programme and found the immensely useful, many of the giving a 10 out of 10 on Degree of Usefulness.