Monday, February 22, 2016


Sister Agnes passed away in the early hours of Sunday 21st February at Holy Family Hospital, New Delhi.

Sister Agnes, a Medical Mission nun, was a visiting faculty at Sumedha Centre for the past several years. She used to facilitate the module "Trauma & Healing" of Sumedha Sadhana.

Even though she was fining it difficult to walk and require a cane, she had very readily come to Sumedha Centre even last year to facilitate the module.

In December last year, only a few months after she had been at Sumedha Centre, Sr.Agnes had a stroke. Her left side was totally paralyzed. However, she could speak. She was in ICU at Holy family Hospital since then. She would lapse into unconsciousness now and then.

Just a few days ago I had visited her in the hospital. Fortunately for me she was fully awake. She recognized me and was able to follow whatever I said to her.

Sr Agnes had served as the Administrator of Holy Family Hospital for several years and held other key positions in her Congregation.

She facilitated healing and renewal  programmes for several religious congregations and also used to see clients in a private psychotherapy practice in her convent Jeevan Jyoti on the premises of Holy Family Hospital.

For the last few years she was a counselor at a Cancer Hospice in New Delhi and was also involved in counsellor training.

Sr. Agnes was a  very loving and compassionate human being. We will certainly miss her at Sumedha Centre.

Her funeral will be held on Wednesday 24th February.

May she rest in peace in the loving arms of her God whose faithful and compassionate servant she was.

Thank you Sr. Agnes. Adieu.

Jose Parappully