Tuesday, June 30, 2015


The fourth week of the Sumedha Sadhana was devoted to the Module: "Unconscious Dynamics." It was facilitated by Dr. Johny Padinjar, the newly joined Assistant Director of Sumedha Centre.

This programme helped the participants to understand the unconscious dynamics that drive much of their motivations and behaviour and to integrate these into their conscious personality.

The explorations of Id, Ego and Super Ego and the various Defense Mechanisms and Ego States helped the participants to have a deeper understanding of themselves by discovering the hitherto unknown dynamics and processes at work in them.

In this way, this module contributed to enhancing their psychospiritual integration and wholeness journey.

The programme concluded with a group outing up a stream where participants and staff enjoyed an outdoor tea and Bingo. It also gave them the opportunity to enjoy themselves in the flowing waters of the stream.

Monday, June 22, 2015


The third week of the 29th Sumedha Sadhana was devoted to the module "Stories: Ours, Jesus; and the Universe's"

This module was facilitated by Br. Gerard Alvarez.

Gerard Alvarez is a member of the Congregation of Christian Brothers. He has several years’ experience as a Formator, Teacher of Catechetics, Facilitator and Animator of Process in Spirituality, and in Province and Congregation Leadership.

This module offered a Spirituality of the Word for our times with symbols and rituals that breathe new life. It offered an approach to integrate spirituality and sexuality through the power of the Word, especially as found in the Gospel of Mark.

The module was very much appreciated by the participants. What they found most useful was a new appreciation for the Gospel, especially of Mark, and a new and meaningful way of reading and understanding the Gospels. Such a reading provided them hitherto unknown perspectives on the person of Jesus of Nazareth.

The module also helped participants to have better understanding of themselves and of the Universe and their place and role in it.

This module will be offered again during the next Sumedha Sadhana – October 2- December 3, 2015.


Two more Salesian priests have joined the Sumedha Centre Staff.

Fr. Johny Dominic Padinjar has joined Sumedha Centre as Assistant Director and In-Charge of Research and Development.

Fr. Padinjar returned recently from the US where he obtained a Masters in Pastoral Counseling from Fordham University and a PhD Counselling Studies from the Capella University. He has also trained in psychotherapy from the National institute of Psychotherapies.

Prior to this Fr. Padinjar had been Headmaster at Catholic Ashram School at Jokbahla, Chattisgarh and Director of Don Bosco Youth and Educational Services at Bariatu (Ranchi), Jharkhand.

Fr. Anand Prakash Tirkey is the new Bursar/Administrator. He is taking the place of Fr. George Malayil who has been transferred to Don Bosco, Najafgarh, New Delhi. Fr. Tirkey has earlier served as Headmaster of Catholic Ashram School in Jokbahla, Chattisgarh and Administrator at Don Bsoc Ashalayam, Palam Gaon, New Delhi

Sumedha Centre organized a welcome function for both of them on Wednesday 17th June.

Sumedhans wish both Fr. Padinjar and Fr. Tirkey a very happy stay and very fruitful and satisfying time at Sumedha Centre.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Sumedha Centre bid farewell to Fr. George Malayil on Monday 15th June.

Fr. Malayil was the Bursar at Sumedha Centre for the last three years. During his time he endeared himself to the participants of the Sumedha programmes, group after group, through his compassion, sensitivity, availability and helpfulness.

He also showed great enthusiasm for pastoral ministry. He was ever willing to help with various ministries at the parish church next door.

He also endeared himself to the neighbours through his compassionate presence among them and his helpfulness.

The Sumedhans organised  farewell party for Fr. Malayil on Saturday 13th at which he regaled them with his many jokes, something that he does at every festive gatherings.

On 15th morning Fr. Malayil presided at the farewell Eucharist solemnized by the Sumedhans.

Fr. Malyil is taking up his new assignment as Administrator at Don Bosco, Najafgarh, Delhi.

Sumedha Centre will miss Fr. Malayil and wishes him all the best.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Sumedha Centre is introducing a brand new programme exclusively for men under the title: "Male Psyche, Masculine Spirituality."

It will be held from 13 to 22 August this year and will be facilitated by Jose Parappully and Gerard Alvarez.

Programme Description: Men have a distinctive way of seeing themselves and relating to persons and the world around based on the way the male psyche has evolved. This has an impact on their spirituality as well.

In this module we shall explore the uniquely male personality features and their development and impact using various developmental theories, myths and metaphors, following especially the Hero’s Journey. Masculine spirituality will be explored through the lens of Mark’s Gospel.

Thursday, June 4, 2015


The 29th Sumedha Sadhana (Psychospiritual Wholeness Journey) commenced on June 1. This 9-week programme will continue till August 2.

There are 16 participants from four countries, including for the first time from Myanmar and South Africa.

Sumedha Sadhana is a programme of inner journeying together with fellow seekers in quest of greater healing and wholeness, so that one can live one’s life in more fulfilling and satisfying ways

In the foundational module Psychological Dynamics on the Spiritual Journey participants are helped to relive and reframe their early childhood developmental experiences and to explore and understand the psychological dynamics of midlife and plan to make the shifts necessary to live their post-midlife psychospiritual journey in more meaningful and fulfilling ways.  Jose Parappully facilitates this module.

In Stories: Ours, Jesus’ and the Universe’s Gerard Alvarez offers a Spirituality of the Word for our times with symbols and rituals that breathe new life.

Johny Dominic helps participants explore and understand the Unconscious Dynamics that drive their behaviour, relationships and ministry and to integrate these into their conscious personality.

During this year of Consecrated Life Varghese Kalluvachel helps participants to better understand the theology of religious life and live it more meaningfully and with greater authenticity

Jose Parappully helps participants to explore and understand human sexuality and affectivity and to integrate them in their celibate lifestyle. He also explores the prevalence and effects of Sexual Abuse and suggests healing remedies.

Participants are provided opportunity for further healing and transformation through Group Therapy. They are helped to face their brokenness and fears, their unhealthy defences and unhelpful patterns of living and relating, and to move toward greater healing and wholeness. Jose Parappully and Maria Goretti Kanakarathinam facilitate this process.

Sumedha Sadhana concludes with a Spiritual Retreat in which participants are able to bring together and integrate all their r experiences up to then in prayer and reflection around the Word of God. Jose Parappully facilitates this process.

Sumedha Sadhana provides theoretical input as well as opportunities to reflect on one’s experiences and to share them with one another and for personal and common prayer. It is hoped that through this four-fold dynamics of Input, Introspection, Interaction, and Intercession participants gain a deeper feel for the psychological dynamics operating on their spiritual journey and integrate these to develop a healthier self so that they can experience greater serenity, wholeness and fruitfulness as they continue their psychospiritual journey.

The next Sumedha Sadhana (SS-30) is from October 2 to December 3, 2015. Registration is open. Contact: sumedhacentre@gmail.com