Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Br. George Topno SDB is the new Financial Administrator at Sumedha Centre. He takes over from Br. Justin Lakra SDB who has been transferred to Our Lady of Fatima Church, Itarhi, Buxar.

We welcome Br. Topno and we thank Br. Lakra for his services at Sumedha Centre this past year. We wish both Br Topno and Br. Lakra the very best in their new assignments.

Saturday, June 10, 2017



I attended the 8-day retreat programme (May 21-29) at Sumedha and it was a Blessing!

I have been unwell for nearly one and a half years. Had a spine problem and could not walk. 
In January, I had a transient isemic attack, was suffering from cerebrovascular disease and 
was under bed rest for about four months. I had lost all hope and was anxious about my future 
since I was the only breadwinner in the family and was unable to work.

When the priest was talking about wilderness and desert experience, tears starting rolling.
Little did I realise that time, that it is these gift of tears which were washing away my pain and 
that my healing had started. 

During the talks which prepared us for confession, we were told that forgiveness is a DECISION. 
The short film shown, A Justice That Heals, depicted Maurine, a mother who forgave the murderer of her son and she said, "I know my Old Testament and my New Testament. What it says about unforgiveness. It eats away the marrow of your bone. I know I had to forgive. Because if I didn't forgive I would lose my mind. “This struck me. I wondered if my spine and nervous disease had anything to do with unforgiveness. 

The 6th day we fasted and took the sacrament of reconciliation. I did not know that forgiveness
would bring me healing. I do not know why I carried hurt so many years. When the priest 
was blessing me after the confession, I could feel a gentle breeze sweeping my head and spine. 
I felt light, rejuvenated, happy and peaceful. 
When I returned home, my son was surprised to see a happy me who could walk. All my neighbours
and friends are surprised to see a NEW ME who is happy and healthy. 

It’s a week post the retreat.... Today my brother came to see me and was surprised to see me to brim with happiness ...I am healed, I am happy, I can walk and my insomnia has also disappeared. I am no longer anxious and worried, for I know God will take care of everything. 

I am joining back to work soon. Praise and Thank you Jesus!

Annie Crasto, Mumbai. 

(3rd from right in the photo)

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Happy Birthday Arohee!

The Sumedha Community Celebrated the 2nd Birthday of Arohee, the daughter of Sumedha's main cook and caretaker Punita.

Arohee is a bundle of activity and brings much joy to the Sumedhans.

Arohee was born at Sumedha as a very premature baby, but has grown up to be a very healthy, active child. God bless her.


Sumedha Dhyana - an 8-day spiritual retreat was held at Sumedha Centre from May 21-30th. It was guided by Dr. Jose Parappully, the Director of the Centre. 

There were 8 participants: one lay woman, 5 religious nuns and two novices to religious Brotherhood.

Sumedha Dhyana, a spiritual retreat designed as a desert journey modeled on the experience of Jesus in the desert (Mark 1, 12-13) provided participants an opportunity to spend time in solitude in the metaphorical desert around the Word of God to experience “Wilderness & Paradise,” to encounter their “inner demons” and their “ministering angels”, to recognise their weakness and helplessness and surrender in faith and trust (1Kings 19, 1-8) to a loving God who calls them to deep intimacy with him (Hosea 2, 16-17), to renew the enthusiasm and the passion they had at the beginning of their vocational journey (Rev. 2, 4 ), to open themselves to the healing, forgiveness and reconciliation God offers (James 5.13-15), and in this way be renewed and transformed as Jesus of Nazareth was through his desert experience.

This Sumedha Dhyana will be offered again from May 22 - 29, 2018