Thursday, July 28, 2016

SS-32: Moving Toward Conclusion

The 32nd Sumedha Sadhana - a Psychospritual Wholeness Journey at Sumedha Centre is moving toward its conclusion.

Having completed the psychological modules - Psychological Dynamics and the Spiritual Journey (Jose Parappully), Unconscious Dynamics  (Johny Dominic); Psycho-Sexual and Celibate Integration (Joe Mannath), and Group therapy (Maria G. Kanakarathinam), the Sumedhans took a day off to enjoy the natural beauty of the Kumaon Hills and Lakes.

They went on a picnic to the lakes driving through the picturesque Hills: Naukuchiatal, Bhimtal and Sattal. On the way they also spent a relaxing time in the Organic Tea Gardens at Ghorakhal, some 20 km from Jeolikote.

Following the picnic, Sumedhan entered into the Spiritual Retreat (Jose Parappully) that will occlude this 9-week programme. Programme ends on August 2nd.

Next Sumedha Sadhana is from September 28 to November 29. Registration is open.