Sunday, November 30, 2014


The 9-week-long Sumedha Sadhana (Psychospiritual Wholeness Journey) concluded on November 30th. It had commenced on September 29th.

The 14 participants (5 men and 9 women) from four different countries in general found the programme “excellent”. It was as promised “an inner journey of healing and transformation.”

The programme consisted of seven different modules: Psychological Dynamics on the Spiritual Journey (facilitated by Jose Parappully, SDB, PhD), Personality and Spirituality (by Ajoy Fernandes SDB, PhD), Sexuality, Celibacy and Intimacy (by Joe Mannth SDB, PhD), Core Transformation  (by Jose Mathew Kuttianimattathil SDB, PhD), Feminist and Women’s Spirituality (by Shalini Mulackal PBVM, PhD), Group Therapy (by Jose Parappully SDB, PhD and Maria Goretti Kanakarathinam FMM, MA) and Spiritual Retreat (by Jose Parappully SDB, PhD).

The inputs by the various facilitators were enriched by experiential exercises, group interaction, selected readings, music and films, yoga, qigong,  expressive arts and movement, creative liturgy, prayer and a variety of meditative practices as well as group outings and picnic.

As common feeling expressed by participants was that they experienced Sumedha Centre a “home, not an institution” where they “felt free” to be themselves.

The beautiful natural surroundings of mountains, valleys and streams were very conducive for quiet reflection and meditation as well as for relaxation of body and mind. The healthy and tasty food provided supplemented the salubrious environment.

Some typical participant comments:

“All in all the entire programme was excellent.”
“The sessions were excellent. They were offered with much expertise and experientially.”
“All the facilitators were excellent… They did a commendable job.”

“I experienced Sumedha not as an institution but a home.”
“Felt really at home. No restrictions.”

“My purpose of coming here is fulfilled.”
“Helped a great deal to know and understand the person I am… Helped to go deep into myself”
“Learned to accept and love myself.”

“The inner journey together with all the participants helped me toward greater healing.”
 “Got rid of some deep hurts…”
 “I came with lots of stress and pain. I go back as a healed and renewed person.”
“It was truly a journey of healing and transformation.”

“The programme helped me become a more loving human being.”
 “I came exhausted and burnt out. Discovered the relational patterns that caused it. I return as a better person.”
“Enjoyed my life here very much. Enough time for everything - to read, reflect, pray, rest, relax and lots of space to move around”

 The 2015 schedule of  Sumedha Sadhana:

(SS-28). March 15-May 16
(SS-29). June 1 - August 2
(SS-30). October 2 - Deceber 3)

Sumedha Centre of Psychology and Spirituality is a venture of the Salesians of Don Bosco, New Delhi Province. It is located in the lush green Kumaon foot-hills of the Himalayas, 18 km south of the tourist town of Nainital.