Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sumedhans at Work and Play

Sumedhans took time  to relax by going on a picnic to the lakes on 22nd July. They were accompanied by Jose Parappully, Director of Sumedha, George Topno, Administrator at Sumedha and Most Rev. Isidore Fernandes, Bishop Emeritus of Allahabad who is spending his retirement at Jeolikote.

The weathergods were very good to the group. Although it had been raining everyday for a some days, the heavens decided to hold the downpours, and the day was beautiful with only a few drops of rain in the morning.

Sumedhans relaxed at three famous Kumaon lakes: Naukuchiatal, Bhimtal and Sattal. They also visited the famous Golu Dev (Bell) Temple and the organic tea estate at Ghorakhal.

The group  had  completed an 8-day group therapy they previous day and a day of relaxation was a rightful reward for the hard work they had put in. The group was led by Dr. Alex Clement Joseph, who has Masters and Doctoral degrees in counselling psychology from Fordham University, New York. This was Dr. Joseph's first experience at Sumedha. Participants expressed great satisfaction about their therapeutic experience.

The concluding module of the 9-week Sumedha Sadhana is a Spiritual Retreat which begins on July 24. It will be led by Jose Parappully, Director of the programme.

The next programme -  Mini Sumedha Sadhana (4 weeks) - begins on August 6th. A few seats are available.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Recollecting the Fruits of Sumedha Sadhana

Having journeyed six weeks through the Sumedha Sadhana programme, the participants spent the day yesterday (July 12)  "recollecting" the experiences of their journey.

They presented the "fruit" of their recollection through drawings and verbal narratives.

Among the fruits collected  were: increased self-knowledge, a taste for contemplative prayer especially Centering prayer, a better understanding of midlife dynamics, holistic spirituality and religious consecration, particularly celibate chastity.

Eight days of group therapy remain and further eight days of spiritual retreat will conclude the 9-week programme.

A Mini Sumedha Sadhana (4 weeks) commences on August 6. A few seats are still available.