Tuesday, December 26, 2017


The original Christmas was the trigger that set in motion a revolution aimed at transforming a broken world and ruptured society through love - a revolution that has to be continued by men and women of good will.

Unfortunately that message of Christmas has been mostly forgotten, and Christmas has been reduced to four small c's: "crib, carol, card and cake." And the one that Christmas is named after, the big C - Christ - has been sidelined. Much effort is made these days by various forces to remove Christ from Christmas.

It is time to restore Christmas to its initial significance and focus on the revolution that has been set in motion so many years ago - transformation of society through love. That is the challenge that  faces especially Christians, and all people of good will.

Sumedha Centre wishes all its Friends and supporters  a very Happy Christmas.

May there be more peace and joy in the world this Christmas season through the love and compassion manifest by people of good will and the governments of the world.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

36th Sumedha Sadhana Concludes

The 36th Sumedha Sadhana – A Psychospiritual Wholeness Journey – concluded at Sumedha Centre on December 2. It began nine-weeks earlier on October 1.

There were 15 participants from India, Singapore and Thailand.

There were six different modules in this Sadhana. Unconscious Dynamics and the Spiritual journey (facilitated by Johny Dominic, PhD), Psychological Dynamics on the Spiritual Journey (by Jose Parappully PhD), Stories: Ours, the Universe’s and Jesus’ (by Gerard Alvarez MA), Core Transformation (by Jose Mathew Kuttianimattathil PhD), Group Therapy (by Johny Dominic PhD and Jose Parappully PhD), and Integrative Spiritual Retreat (by Jose Parappully PhD).

Ample time for personal reflection and prayer in a very beautiful and serene natural environment and creative and experiential liturgies helped to interiorise the insights gained in the sessions. There was also time for weekly recreation, movies, and picnics, including one to Delhi and Agra. 

Participants found the programme immensely useful. Comments below indicate the different ways they found the programme beneficial, even unique.

“Sumedha has changed my life. I was at the right place, at the right time.”

“It was a fascinating experience – a long inward journey.”

“It has helped me become a more integrated person.”

“Sumedha was a re-birth. I came with feeling of dryness in my spiritual life. Now God means everything.”

“Each module opened up to me avenues totally unexplored by me before.”

“Every session helped me to go deeper into myself… I go back much happier than when I came.”

“I learned to look at life experiences with new perspectives…. Retreat as desert experience brought profound healing.”

“Helped to gain a deeper experience of God.”

“Helped to find meaning for my religious life. Really experienced God touching me.”

“Experienced a sense of healing.”

“Sumedha is a turning point in my life. Every session was enriching,  an eye opener.”

Sumedha is not a Centre, but a home. I was very happy here.”

“At Sumedha I found a very supportive community.”

“Welcome, hospitality, accommodation, food and services were excellent.”

 The next Sumedha Sadhana is from March 15 to May 16, 2018. Registration is open.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Deep Explorations & Fun at Sumedha

The participants of Sumedha Sadhana (SS-36) celebrated one month of their psychospiritual wholeness journey with a tea outing along the stream that runs not too far from Sumedha Centre.

Having made tea outdoors and munched on homemade sandwiches, momos and samosas, they had fun playing in the water and a round of Housie, led by the director Jose Parappully.

Earlier in the day they had concluded the two week module on "Unconscious Dynamics' facilitated by Johny Dominic, the Assistant Director at Sumedha.

This week they conclude the  module on "Midlife Dynamics and the Spiritual Journey" led by Jose Parappully

Monday, October 2, 2017

Another Sumedha Sadhana Commences

The 36th Sumedha Sadhana - A Psychospiritual Wholeness Journey -- commenced at Sumedha Centre on October 1st evening.

There are 15 participants - 9 women and 6 men, from 10 different religious congregations and three dioceses.

This 9-week programme, the last  of 2017, will conclude on December 2.

The next Sumedha a Sadhana begins on March 15, 2018. Registration is open. contact: sumedhacentre@gmail.com 

Sunday, September 3, 2017


The four week (August 6-September 3) Mini Sumedha Sadhana concluded yesterday. All participants expressed immense satisfaction with the entire programme – planning, organization, content, and execution.

All participants observed that the programme had met all their expectations, and even more. Seven of the 10 participants gave a perfect 10 on the Usefulness scale. One gave 9, two others gave 8 and 7.

The modules were facilitated by Dr. Johny Dominic Padinjar SDB, PhD (Psychological Dynamics), Dr. Jose Parappully SDB, PhD (Spirituality; Meditation; Sexuality, Intimacy & Celibacy), Dr. Varghese Kalluvachel SDB, PhD (Consecrated Life).

Some common observations from participants were these: 

The programme is of excellent quality; it has brought about some real changes in the participants; the module facilitators were all excellent; it was an experience of real community living; liturgies were creative and meaningful; the environment and ambiance wonderful and conducive; there was great freedom – no restricting do’s and don’ts; the food was excellent.

Some quotes from participants:

“I have attended many renewal programmes. This was the best of all.” BM

“I gained lots of new insights. Wonderful ambient. Community spirit was fantastic. I had a good time.” RK

“I came with so much emptiness in me. Those spaces have been filled. So many new perspectives and so much self-awareness gained. I feel I have been healed in many areas of my life. A new self is being born.” SR

“I gained in awareness of self and of God. I felt very much at home. I feel renewed.” VM

“I came to Sumedha full of darkness within.  I have found light. Been able to let go of lots of things burdening me. I enjoyed my stay here. Enjoyed the food and the surroundings. Great family spirit.” N

“I came very distracted, anxious. Very soon I became relaxed. Each class gave me realization of who I am, how I am doing, especially of my dysfunctional behaviours and the need to change.” BE

“Programme helped to let go off many things. It was an experience of liberation.”  TB

“The programme helped me take a good look at myself. Lots of personal time for reflection and prayer. Discovered what I need to change. I go back with a rich experience. Food was excellent.” KM

“I really enjoyed the homely atmosphere. Every one very open minded. Well-conducted sessions.” ED.

“The programme was for me an audit of my life – how I am, how I need to be. Every topic was interesting, relevant and useful. Wonderful ambient and atmosphere. Enjoyed every bit of the programme.  Food was delicious.” LR

The next Sumedha Sadhana (9 weeks) is from October 1 to December 2. A couple of seats available. Contact sumedhacentre@gmail.com

Saturday, August 12, 2017


Another Sumedha Sadhana - the newly introduced Mini (4 weeks) - began on August 6. It will conclude on September 03.

There are 10 participants (4 religious women, 3 diocesan priests, 2 religious priests among whom is one Salesian from North-East, and a Salesian brother from New Delhi province.)

The introductory module of this Mini Sadhana is "Unconscious Dynamics and the Spiritual Journey" facilitated by Dr. John Dominic Padinjar, the Asst. Director of the Centre.

Johny Dominic helps participants explore the dynamics behind the helplessness that they often experience in not being able to do what they want and doing what they do not want (Romans 7, 15).  Using concepts from Freudian, Jungian, NLP and Transactional Analysis theories he helps them unleash the powers of the unconscious to facilitate the journey from Ego to Self necessary for healing and psychospiritual wholeness.

The next Sumedha Sadhana (9 weeks) begins on October 1. A few seats are available. Contact sumedhacentre@gmail.com 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

SUMEDHA SADHANA: “A Life Changing Experience.”

The 9-week (June 1- August 2) Sumedha Sadhana – A Psychospiritual Wholeness Journey – concluded yesterday at Sumedha Centre.

All the participants were immensely satisfied with the programme, some describing it as “life changing experience.” 

On a Usefulness Scale of 1-10, one meaning “very little useful” and 10 “Immensely Useful,” one participant gave a score of 9, while all the others gave a perfect 10.

There were five different modules in this Sadhana. Psychological Dynamics on the Spiritual Journey (by Dr. Jose Parappuly PhD), Psychosexual and Celibate Integration (Dr. Joe Mannath PhD), Women’s and Feminist Spiritualities (Dr. Shalini Mulackal PhD), Group Therapy (Dr. Alex Clement Joseph, PhD), and Spiritual Retreat (Dr. Jose Parappully PhD).

What the participants found most useful were the group therapy and the spiritual retreat.

Some participants’ comments:

“Sumedha Sadhana was a gift of God for me. An opportunity to expand my heart. Plenty to chew on. The retreat helped me to change my life.”

“The spiritual retreat as a desert experience was too good!... I go back with the feeling life can be good again. “

“I came to Sumedha very sad, very lost. The programme helped me a lot. Gained greater self-awareness through group therapy. I feel free from my burdens. See future as bright.”

“It helped me understand my life. The calm and peaceful atmosphere was very helpful for reflection and prayer. All the programme, modules, process, facilitators were all extremely effective and helpful.”

“Being at Sumedha was a privileged time. I got what I wanted. Able to let go and be healed. I feel very free and very happy.”

“I came here with a bundle of worry and sadness. Sumedha helped me get rid of them. I feel happy.  The facilitators were experts in exploring their topics. The food, services, and facilities were all very good. I felt very much at home and free here”

“The programme touched my heart. It made me alive again. I felt very free and happy here. I regained the love I had for my vocation."

The programme was very experiential. Besides the rich input provided the participants, there was ample time to reflect on life experiences, share them with one another, and integrate them into the daily creative liturgies. Music, movies and dance enriched the process. Outings, picnic and the weekly fun-times helped to create a relaxing atmosphere.

The next 9-week programme begins on October 1. Before that a shorter (4-week) Sumedha Mini begins on August 6. Registrations are open.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sumedhans at Work and Play

Sumedhans took time  to relax by going on a picnic to the lakes on 22nd July. They were accompanied by Jose Parappully, Director of Sumedha, George Topno, Administrator at Sumedha and Most Rev. Isidore Fernandes, Bishop Emeritus of Allahabad who is spending his retirement at Jeolikote.

The weathergods were very good to the group. Although it had been raining everyday for a some days, the heavens decided to hold the downpours, and the day was beautiful with only a few drops of rain in the morning.

Sumedhans relaxed at three famous Kumaon lakes: Naukuchiatal, Bhimtal and Sattal. They also visited the famous Golu Dev (Bell) Temple and the organic tea estate at Ghorakhal.

The group  had  completed an 8-day group therapy they previous day and a day of relaxation was a rightful reward for the hard work they had put in. The group was led by Dr. Alex Clement Joseph, who has Masters and Doctoral degrees in counselling psychology from Fordham University, New York. This was Dr. Joseph's first experience at Sumedha. Participants expressed great satisfaction about their therapeutic experience.

The concluding module of the 9-week Sumedha Sadhana is a Spiritual Retreat which begins on July 24. It will be led by Jose Parappully, Director of the programme.

The next programme -  Mini Sumedha Sadhana (4 weeks) - begins on August 6th. A few seats are available.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Recollecting the Fruits of Sumedha Sadhana

Having journeyed six weeks through the Sumedha Sadhana programme, the participants spent the day yesterday (July 12)  "recollecting" the experiences of their journey.

They presented the "fruit" of their recollection through drawings and verbal narratives.

Among the fruits collected  were: increased self-knowledge, a taste for contemplative prayer especially Centering prayer, a better understanding of midlife dynamics, holistic spirituality and religious consecration, particularly celibate chastity.

Eight days of group therapy remain and further eight days of spiritual retreat will conclude the 9-week programme.

A Mini Sumedha Sadhana (4 weeks) commences on August 6. A few seats are still available.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Br. George Topno SDB is the new Financial Administrator at Sumedha Centre. He takes over from Br. Justin Lakra SDB who has been transferred to Our Lady of Fatima Church, Itarhi, Buxar.

We welcome Br. Topno and we thank Br. Lakra for his services at Sumedha Centre this past year. We wish both Br Topno and Br. Lakra the very best in their new assignments.

Saturday, June 10, 2017



I attended the 8-day retreat programme (May 21-29) at Sumedha and it was a Blessing!

I have been unwell for nearly one and a half years. Had a spine problem and could not walk. 
In January, I had a transient isemic attack, was suffering from cerebrovascular disease and 
was under bed rest for about four months. I had lost all hope and was anxious about my future 
since I was the only breadwinner in the family and was unable to work.

When the priest was talking about wilderness and desert experience, tears starting rolling.
Little did I realise that time, that it is these gift of tears which were washing away my pain and 
that my healing had started. 

During the talks which prepared us for confession, we were told that forgiveness is a DECISION. 
The short film shown, A Justice That Heals, depicted Maurine, a mother who forgave the murderer of her son and she said, "I know my Old Testament and my New Testament. What it says about unforgiveness. It eats away the marrow of your bone. I know I had to forgive. Because if I didn't forgive I would lose my mind. “This struck me. I wondered if my spine and nervous disease had anything to do with unforgiveness. 

The 6th day we fasted and took the sacrament of reconciliation. I did not know that forgiveness
would bring me healing. I do not know why I carried hurt so many years. When the priest 
was blessing me after the confession, I could feel a gentle breeze sweeping my head and spine. 
I felt light, rejuvenated, happy and peaceful. 
When I returned home, my son was surprised to see a happy me who could walk. All my neighbours
and friends are surprised to see a NEW ME who is happy and healthy. 

It’s a week post the retreat.... Today my brother came to see me and was surprised to see me to brim with happiness ...I am healed, I am happy, I can walk and my insomnia has also disappeared. I am no longer anxious and worried, for I know God will take care of everything. 

I am joining back to work soon. Praise and Thank you Jesus!

Annie Crasto, Mumbai. 

(3rd from right in the photo)