Tuesday, December 26, 2017


The original Christmas was the trigger that set in motion a revolution aimed at transforming a broken world and ruptured society through love - a revolution that has to be continued by men and women of good will.

Unfortunately that message of Christmas has been mostly forgotten, and Christmas has been reduced to four small c's: "crib, carol, card and cake." And the one that Christmas is named after, the big C - Christ - has been sidelined. Much effort is made these days by various forces to remove Christ from Christmas.

It is time to restore Christmas to its initial significance and focus on the revolution that has been set in motion so many years ago - transformation of society through love. That is the challenge that  faces especially Christians, and all people of good will.

Sumedha Centre wishes all its Friends and supporters  a very Happy Christmas.

May there be more peace and joy in the world this Christmas season through the love and compassion manifest by people of good will and the governments of the world.


Maria.G said...

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