Sunday, August 5, 2018


The 38th Sumedha Sadhana – A Psychospiritual Wholeness journey - concluded on August 2nd. This 9-week programme had begun on June 1.

Sumedha Sadhana is a programme of inner journeying together with fellow seekers in quest of greater healing and wholeness, so that one can live more fulfilling and satisfying ways and be more effective in their service to others. A variety of approaches and techniques are used to reach these objectives.

A major portion of the programme was devoted to the exploration of the psychological dynamics affecting one's spiritual journey.

Sumedha Sadhana provided theoretical input as well as opportunities for reflection on experiences and to share them with one another and for personal and common prayer. The serious work of introspection and working thorough of issues affecting one was enlivened by outings and picnics, weekly recreation together and celebrations. Creative liturgies integrating the day's experiences was a prominent feature of the programme.

There were five major modules in this programme: Psychological Dynamics on the Spiritual Journey (Jose Parappully PhD); Unconscious Dynamics and the Spiritual Journey (Johny Dominic, PhD), Cosmic Spirituality (Alba Rodrigues MA, BEd), Group Therapy (Johny Dominic and Jose Parappully), Spiritual Retreat and Integration (Jose Parappully).

The programme was much appreciated by the participants and found immensely useful. Four of the 13 participants gave a perfect 10 out of 10 on the Degree of Usefulness, and five gave a 9.

Some representative comments:

“Everything was excellent!”

“The programme is very well planned and wholesome. All the facilitators are very well versed in their fields.”

“Everything had a great impact on me.”

“It really helped me to renew myself and my religious commitment.”

“I feel I have become a better human being than before.”

“I came gloomy. Go back happy.”

“I came with confusion, loss of meaning and direction in life…I go back healed, hopeful, heart filled with love.”

“I came here caught up in much darkness. Wanted to be a different person. I had doubts if the programme would help. It did. My goals are fulfilled.”

“The classes were very, very, very good.”

 “A mountain experience. Mission accomplished.”

“I had a beautiful time at Sumedha.”

“Very conducive atmosphere and very beautiful surroundings.”

 “I experienced lot of freedom here, Could go anywhere. No restrictions.”

“Food was very good and nice. Cooks very hospitable, welcoming.”

“Beautiful scenery. Healing atmosphere.”

 “I felt this was a very welcoming community. I felt very much at home.

“I enjoyed my stay here.”

The 39th Sumedha Sadhana begins on October 1, 2018. Registration open.

Friday, July 27, 2018


Dr. Jose Parappully, Director of Sumedha Centre, was one of the nine select experts invited to a “Consultation on Helping Priests Distress” organized by the Office of Clergy of the Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences (FABC).

The Consultation was held at the Baan Phu Waan Pastoral Centre of the Archdiocese of Bangkok on 23-25 July, 2018.

The Consultation meetings were facilitated by Most Rev. Mylo Vergara, Bishop of Pasig, Philippines and the Chairman of the FABC Office of Clergy. He was assisted by Fr. Philip Lazatin SDB, Ex. Secretary of the FABC Office of Clergy. Present and participating in the discussions was also Most Rev. Buenaventura Farmadico, Bishop of San Pablo, Laguna, Philippines and Chair of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of the Philippines.

There were four experts from the Philippines, three from India and two from Thailand.

Bishop Mylo Vergara explained the rationale for the consultation: Creation of a pan-Asian organization for information sharing, liaison with church leadership and synergy-creation out of best practices in regard to assisting priests in distress.

Bishop Mylo invited the participants to introduce themselves and then to share their “Best Practices” in helping priests in distress. This led to discussion of common problems and issues and actions that need to be taken in the Asian Context.

Based on these discussions, the group came up with four proposals that will be submitted to the Central Committee of the FABC and to the Chairs of the regional Conference of Bishops.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Sumedha Outreach at Assam Don Bosco University

Dr. Jose Parappully, director of Sumedha Centre, was one of the two invited resource persons at the Staff Enrichment Programme at Assam Don Bosco University, Guwahati. The other resource person was Dr. George Palamattam, the Director of Siloam, Shillong.

The programme was entitled: Developing a Growth Mindset... for Navigating Change." It was held at the Azara campus of the University on 5-6, July. There were 120 members of the teaching staff and the Management present. The programme was inaugurated by Dr. Stephen Mavely, the Vice Chancellor of the University.

Dr. Parappully focused on "Enhancing Institutional Excellence Through Creativity and Innovation."  Dr. Palamattam focused on "Growth Mindset."

The staff found the two days' programme - content and process- immensely useful and relevant and has evoked enthusiasm toward navigating change.

Sumedha Outreach at Bhopal

Dr. Jose Parappully, director of Sumedha Centre facilitated a three day seminar on "Psychospiritual Dynamics at Midlife and Beyond for 23 senior most priests of the Archdiocese of Bhopal from June 25-27.

There were 23 participants. Archbishop Leo Cornelio was present on the concluding day. The programme was organized by Fr. Mathew V. , the Vicar General of the archdiocese. The seminar was held at the Pastoral Centre of the Archdiocese.

Participants said they found the seminar immensely useful. The topics covered were very relevant for them at this period of their life and ministry.

Two more similar seminars are scheduled for the remaining priests of the Archdiocese later in the year.

38th Sumedha Sadhana

The 38th Sumedha Sadhana commenced on June 1, 2018. There are 13 participants including 2 from Thailand, and 1 each from Malaysia and Srilanka.

This programme will conclude on August 2.

Our next two progammes are:

Mini Sumedha Sadhana: August 6 - September 4.

39th Sumedha Sadhana. October 1 - December 2.

Seats are available for both.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

SUMEDHA DHYANA (Spiritual Retreat) concludes

The 10th Sumedha Dhyana (Spiritual Retreat) concluded on 29th May, 2018. It commenced on May 22. There were 10 participants -  six women and four men.

Sumedha Dhyana, a spiritual retreat designed as a desert journey modelled on the experience of Jesus in the desert  (Mark 1, 12-13) provides participants an opportunity to spend time in the metaphorical desert around the Word of God to experience “Wilderness & Paradise,” to encounter their “inner demons” and their “ministering angels,” to renew the love, the enthusiasm and the passion they had at the beginning of their vocational journey (Rev. 2, 4 ), to recognise their helplessness and surrender in faith and trust to a loving God who calls them to deep intimacy with him (Hosea 2, 16-17) which in turn leads to transformation of their self and their ministry in powerful ways (1Kings 19, 1-8).

The Retreatants expressed immense satisfaction with the Retreat. A general comment was: This is a different kind of retreat than what we are used to. This retreat really helped us to go deep within ourselves and experience intimacy with God in prayer.

The Retreat was facilitated by Dr. Jose Parappully, the Director of the Centre.

The Centre normally holds one Spiritual Retreat a year. The next one is tentatively scheduled for June 1-8, 2019.

for information, contact:

Saturday, May 26, 2018


The 9-week-long 37th Sumedha Sadhana – A Psychospritual Wholeness Journey - concluded on May 16.  The programme had begun on March 15.

There were 15 participants from India and abroad (Thailand and Malaysia). The participants were extremely satisfied with the programme.

There were four main modules in this programme.

Psychological Dynamics on the Spiritual Journey

In the module “Psychological Dynamics on the Spiritual Journey” Dr. Jose Parappully explored with the participants the following topics: Holistic and Mature Spirituality, Cultivating Contemplative Prayerfulness, Psychosexual and Spiritual Integration at Midlife and Post-Midlife Dynamics and the Spiritual Journey.

Women’s and Feminist Spirituality

In “Women’s and Feminist Spirituality” Dr. Shalini Mulackal explored the meaning and salient characteristics of spirituality from women’s perspective. She helped participants look critically at some of the popular images of traditional Christian spirituality, the process of masculinisation of women’s spirituality, and religion’s subjugation of women.

Unconscious Dynamics and the Spiritual Journey

In “Unconscious Dynamics and the Spiritual Journey” Dr. Johny Dominic helped participants explore the dynamics behind the helplessness that they often experience in not being able to do what they want and doing what they do not want.  Using concepts from Freudian, Jungian, NLP and Transactional Analysis theories he helped them unleash the powers of the unconscious to facilitate healing and wholeness.

Personality and Spirituality

In “Personality and Spirituality” Dr. Ajoy Fernandes, working from a Jungian perspective, helped participants explore especially their identity and understand their personality type and its implications for their spiritual journey, and helped them move toward greater personal integration by exploring and owning their persona and shadow and integrating their animus/anima.

Group Therapy
Participants were provided opportunity for further healing and transformation through group therapy. In the atmosphere of freedom, caring and trust that the group provided, they were helped to face their brokenness and their fears, their defences and their unhelpful patterns of living and relating, and to move toward greater healing and wholeness by adopting and practising healthier attitudes and behaviours. Johny Dominic and Jose Parappully facilitated this healing and transformational process.

Integrative Retreat
This Sumedha Sadhana concluded with an 8-day spiritual retreat in which participants were able to bring together and integrate all their experiences up to then in prayer and reflection around the Word of God. Jose Parappully facilitated this process.

The Sumedha Process
The process followed in the Sumedha Sadhana was very experiential. It used a four-fold methodology of Input, Introspection, Interaction, and Intercession to provide the participants a greater awareness and understanding of the psychological dynamics operating on their spiritual journey and integrate these to develop a healthier self.

Music, movies, outings and picnics and celebrations made the Sumedha experience very enjoyable, as well as meaningful and fruitful.

Feedback from Participants
Participants in general were extremely satisfied with the programme – the module, the facilitators, the processes followed, and the environment at the Centre. They left the Centre feeling that their goals had been achieved. Some said they received much more than they had expected. Some typical comments:

“The programme was very enriching – the place, the facilitators…. I am very happy and contended. I feel I am renewed and my goal was realized.”

“The programme on the whole took me to my inner depths. Each module was designed to ensure that this journey will take us inward.”

 “The content and the process were very useful because they helped me to understand myself deeply.”

“It was helpful for me to grow spiritually, psychologically and emotionally in daily life.”

 “The Retreat was a powerful God experience and on the whole I think it has made me a compassionate person.”

“As a whole it was a wonderful time of personal discovery and spiritual growth and healing.”
“It was really a rejuvenating time for me.”

“The place, class, liturgy, movies, meditations, therapy, retreat, outings, company of friends all helped me.”

“Excellent, enjoyed!”

The next 9-week Sumedha Sadhana begins on June 1 and concludes on August 2. Just foujr seats left! Those interested, please apply immediately.