Saturday, February 23, 2019


The Scouts and Guides of St. Anthony's Inter College at Jeolikote celebrated Baden Powell Day today (23rd Feb) at the premises of Sumedha Centre.

They had various games and competitions.

Monday, December 24, 2018


Christmas – God's Incarnation, God taking on human flesh and blood in Jesus of Nazareth – invites us to meditate on the mission of this “God-Become-Flesh,” “Emmanuel.”

(Photo: Christmas Crib at Don Bosco Alaknanda, New Delhi)

Jesus of Nazareth had only one mission – to establish what he called the “Reign of God” – an inclusive society in which all humans would live as sons and daughters of one God, brothers and sisters, in peace and harmony, where injustice, oppression, domination and discrimination would give way to equality and fraternity, where everyone would be happy, enjoying life in abundance – the life which he came to share with all. In the process he became an enemy of the powerful of the day, including the Temple authorities. He was a threat, a thorn in their side, and had to be silenced, had to be disposed off.
One way we can meaningfully celebrate Christmas, no matter what religious Faith we adhere to, or have no Faith at all, is to commit ourselves to realize Jesus’ dream, to contribute to the coming of the "Reign of God." This way we become the “People of Good Will” who make real the song of the Angels “Peace on Earth!”

Sumedha Centre is trying to do its little bit towards the coming of this God’s Reign through its ministry of healing and transformation individuals and institutions.
All of us at Sumedha Centre wish you a Very HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND A NEW YEAR FULL OF HOPE AND PEACE”

Tuesday, December 4, 2018


The 39th Sumedha Sadhana - Psychospiritual Wholeness Journey (October 1- December 2) concluded with a high level of satisfaction on the part of the participants. Most observed that they had received much more than what they had hope for. Nine of the participants gave the programme 10 out 10 on usefulness and five gave a 9. The average rating was 9.35.

There were 18 participants from different parts of India, from Bangladesh, Myanmar and Thailand. Among them were five priests and 13 religious women from 11 different religious congregations and one diocesan priest from the Archdiocese of Kolkata.

Fr. Uday D'Souza, the parish priest of Jeolikote, welcomed the participants and gave a short profile of the Jeolikote parish and the Diocese of Bareilly.

Sumedha Sadhana is a programme of inner journeying together with fellow seekers in quest of greater healing and wholeness, so that participants can live their lives in more fulfilling and satisfying ways and be more effective in their service to others.

There were seven modules in this edition of the Sadhana: Spirituality, Early Development, Midlife Transition, Unconscious Dynamics, Core Transformation, Group Therapy and Spiritual Retreat. Participants also had opportunity for individual therapy.

Dr. Jose Parappully SDB, Director of the Centre, facilitated the modules on spirituality, early development, midlife transition, group therapy and the retreat.

Dr. Johny Dominic Padinjar SDB facilitated the “Unconscious Dynamics.” This module explored the dynamics behind the helplessness that persons often experience in not being able to do what they want and doing what they do not want.  Using concepts from Freudian, Jungian, NLP and Transactional Analysis theories Dr. Padinjar helped participants unleash the powers of the unconscious to facilitate healing and wholeness. He also facilitated individual and group therapy.

Dr. Jose Mathew Kuttianimattathil SDB facilitated the “Core Transformation” module. In this module participants were helped to explore and examine their least liked behaviours, feelings and responses to move toward the wellspring within them (Core State) which radiates peace, love and harmony.

The academic programme was enriched by creative liturgies, integration days, weekly recreations, movies, and relaxing outing and picnic.

Participants expressed great satisfaction with and appreciation for the programme content, process, organization and the module facilitators.

Comments from the participants:

“I am immensely enriched by the programme… The facilitators were highly qualified professionals with knowledge and experience.”

“The programme on the whole was excellent. Module facilitators were competent, caring and adequately firm and gentle.”

“The programme as a whole was very excellent, systematic, well planned, well arranged.”

“I came here with certain goals. They are fully realized. I gained new enthusiasm and passion for life and ministry. I go back a happy person.”

“My goal was achieved. I give 10 on the scale.”

“I got more than I expected.”

 “Sumedha touched every aspect of my life – everything was useful. What I wanted I got.”

“I came here to deepen my spiritual life. Yes, it is realized.”

“I came here feeling very dry. Today my tree is budding forth green leaves. I feel healed and renewed, ready to bloom.”

“The programme came as rain to remove my dryness and renew my spirit.”

“My life had become a mess. It is Sumedha that challenged me to be who I am. Regarding my religious/priestly life also it challenged me and put me where I was supposed to be.”

“The Sumedha journey helped me to heal my wounded soul, mend the brokenness of my life. It enabled me to journey into my innermost and find the wellspring.”

‘Sumedha Sadhana prepared me to embrace the past, own up the present and plan for the future.”

“The retreat helped me so much to come close to God, to experience his love. I feel touched by God, healed. My life is blessed.”

“Search for meaning in life and deeper spirituality brought me to Sumedha. I have found both. My broken pot is mended, my heart expanded and I feel more integrated. I return with confidence and enthusiasm.”

“Reception, hospitality, accommodation, services and facilities were excellent. I would like to appreciate specially the food served to us every day. It was indeed commendable.”

“It was very enriching to stay over here, the warmth, love we experienced from the staff, non-teaching staff and from each other. All were very hospitable. We felt free to approach and the accommodation was very good. Everything was provided, the food was abundant and excellent. I feel very privileged to be here for 9 weeks.” 

 “The friendly and homelike atmosphere created by the hosts was beyond my imagination. I enjoyed my stay over at Sumedha, felt like it is my own home.”

Saturday, November 10, 2018


Fr. Jose Parappully, Director of Sumedha Centre, facilitated a spiritual retreat for the Priests of the Catholic diocese from 4th to 9th November 2018. It was held at the Bishop's House, Jaipur.

There were 29 priests, including the Bishop of the diocese the Most Rev. Oswald Louis. Most of the priests in the diocese are quite young.

The retreat was focused on the theme: Priest: Bearer of the Mystery of God and doctor of the Soul."

On the first day Fr. Parappully presented the retreat as a Desert Experience in which retreatants were led to experience like Jesus in the desert "Wilderness" and "Paradise" - the "wild beasts" and the "ministering angels" mentioned in Mark's Gospel.

He then further explored the theme of "wilderness" and "paradise" using the experiences of the great prophets of the Old Testament - Abraham, Moses, Hosea and of Paul in the New Testament.

Following this, Fr. Parappully presented "The Identity and Mission" of the priest - bearer of the mystery of God, doctor of the soul, and community builder.

The culminating talk was on "Jesus of Nazareth - Compassionate Son of a Compassionate Father" - the model for every priest.

The talks were help for personal prayer around the Word of God. The retreat was enriched by meaningful celebration of the Eucharist, Prayer before the Blessed Sacrament, Sacramental Confession and a Healing Service.

"Very enriching and very useful" was the unsolicited feedback from the retreat participants.

(The two buildings in the blog: 1.  A beautiful little church built in 1761 with exquisite interiors in the Mughal  an Jaipurian style on the campus of the Bishop's house and 2. the newly built Bishop's House.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

39TH SUMEDHA SADHANA (October 1- Decemebr 2, 2018)

There are 18 participants in the 39th "Sumedha Sadhana - a Psychospiritual Wholeness Journey"  - 12 women religious and 6 priests.

The come  from Assam, Bangladesh, Bengal, Chattisgarh, Jammu & Kashmir, Jharkhand, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Meghalaya, Myanmar, Tamil Nadu and Thailand.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Another Sumedha Sadhana (39th - Oct 1-Dec 2) and another tea outing

Fun and games are integral to the Sumedha Journey!

Participants (Sumedha Sadhana October 1 -December 2) 2018 relaxing after 4 weeks of serious inner work.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Dr. Jose Parappully, Director of Sumedha Centre, was invited to facilitate two programmes in New Delhi.

The first was for the Community Leaders of the Congregation of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (PBVM), and the other organized by the Secretary of the Conference of Religious (CRI), Dr. Joe Mannath..

The programme for the PBVM Sisters was held at the Navjivan Renewal Centre, on the campus of St. Xavier’s Senior Secondary School on Raj Nivas road, New Delhi, from 15th to 20th October, 2018.
There were 11 participants, including the Provincial, Sr. Miriam Attel.

The programme was titled “Transformational Leadership for Religious Community Leaders.” It began with an exploration of Religious Life and Community, the context in which the participants were called to exercise Leadership.

An understanding of Transformational Leadership – Qualities of Transformational Leaders, Practices of Transformation Leadership, and Leadership Skills -- was then presented and explored. Participants had the opportunity to assess themselves using Leadership Questionnaires and Inventories.

The film “1492 – Conquest of Paradise” which deals with Christopher Columbus’s discovery of the Americas, was used to highlight various dimensions of transformational leadership.

The programme ended with an exploration of the “Spirituality of Leadership,” presenting Moses as an inspiring Transformational Leader.

All the participants found the workshop immensely useful for them. Some Comments:

“The inputs, exercises, ratings, reflection time, times of integration and interiorization were very good for application to our lives… Your facilitation process was excellent, never felt tired.”

“It really helped me evaluate my way of functioning as a leader.”

“An excellent work/workshop conducted. Thank you.”

“Input was very enriching. Each session was a little mirror where I could see myself/my behaviour/my actions at a deeper level. In other words these 6 days were very effective.”

“It has been immensely practical.”

“Immensely useful – 10!”

The second programme was held at the CRI House, Masigarh, Sukhdev Vihar, New Delhi. Dr. Parappully facilitated two days (October 21-22) of this seven day workshop on “Formation of Formators.”

There were 23 participants from different religious congregations in charge of initial formation.

Dr. Parappully focused on “Psychological Dimensions of Formation,”  “Sexual Boundary Violations” and “Healing from the Effects of Sexual Abuse.”

All the participants of this programme too, found it very useful for them. “It provided us clear notions and goals and helped us to be better equipped to carry out our role” was a common observation.