Sunday, September 3, 2017


The four week (August 6-September 3) Mini Sumedha Sadhana concluded yesterday. All participants expressed immense satisfaction with the entire programme – planning, organization, content, and execution.

All participants observed that the programme had met all their expectations, and even more. Seven of the 10 participants gave a perfect 10 on the Usefulness scale. One gave 9, two others gave 8 and 7.

The modules were facilitated by Dr. Johny Dominic Padinjar SDB, PhD (Psychological Dynamics), Dr. Jose Parappully SDB, PhD (Spirituality; Meditation; Sexuality, Intimacy & Celibacy), Dr. Varghese Kalluvachel SDB, PhD (Consecrated Life).

Some common observations from participants were these: 

The programme is of excellent quality; it has brought about some real changes in the participants; the module facilitators were all excellent; it was an experience of real community living; liturgies were creative and meaningful; the environment and ambiance wonderful and conducive; there was great freedom – no restricting do’s and don’ts; the food was excellent.

Some quotes from participants:

“I have attended many renewal programmes. This was the best of all.” BM

“I gained lots of new insights. Wonderful ambient. Community spirit was fantastic. I had a good time.” RK

“I came with so much emptiness in me. Those spaces have been filled. So many new perspectives and so much self-awareness gained. I feel I have been healed in many areas of my life. A new self is being born.” SR

“I gained in awareness of self and of God. I felt very much at home. I feel renewed.” VM

“I came to Sumedha full of darkness within.  I have found light. Been able to let go of lots of things burdening me. I enjoyed my stay here. Enjoyed the food and the surroundings. Great family spirit.” N

“I came very distracted, anxious. Very soon I became relaxed. Each class gave me realization of who I am, how I am doing, especially of my dysfunctional behaviours and the need to change.” BE

“Programme helped to let go off many things. It was an experience of liberation.”  TB

“The programme helped me take a good look at myself. Lots of personal time for reflection and prayer. Discovered what I need to change. I go back with a rich experience. Food was excellent.” KM

“I really enjoyed the homely atmosphere. Every one very open minded. Well-conducted sessions.” ED.

“The programme was for me an audit of my life – how I am, how I need to be. Every topic was interesting, relevant and useful. Wonderful ambient and atmosphere. Enjoyed every bit of the programme.  Food was delicious.” LR

The next Sumedha Sadhana (9 weeks) is from October 1 to December 2. A couple of seats available. Contact

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