Friday, October 2, 2009

Bareilly Sisters Retreat

Sisters serving in the dioceses of Bareilly had their retreat at Sumedha Centre from 25 to 30th September. The retreat was directed by Jose Parappully, the director of the Centre. He presided at the Eucharist, led the Adoration Service in the evening, gave one talk in the morning, and provided spiritual direction once a day to the sisters.

Sisters found this retreat a meaningful one, which impacted them significantly. “This retreat was a very relaxing one. Not too many boring talks, just one meaningful one. I like that,” said Sr. Monica. “The climate and the serene atmosphere really helped.” remarked Sr. Philomena. “I could really pray. The talk was meaningful. The guidance very helpful. And the food was great,” observed Sr. Girija. She was not alone in appreciation of the food that Br, John and our cook Puneeta prepared.

Sisters were surprised that the place run by men could be so neat and clean, and comfortable. “We felt a feminine touch. The bed sheets were clean and comfortable, and the beds nicely made” more than one remarked. That’s a great compliment for our administrator, Br. John!!

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