Monday, May 10, 2010

The Rains Came Finally!

The rains came at last to the Kumaon hills— three days ago.

It had been a dry winter-- no rain, no snow on the hills. Neither were there the normal early spring rains. This meant a bleak summer as far as water is concerned. Drinking water was already being rationed. The hills had turned brown, the greenery had disappeared. Occasional fires had gutted the hills.

So it was such relief to see the skies turn dark, and the winds begin to howl. And soon the skies opened up and down came the rain—not in torrents, but heavy enough to bring down the temperature and quench the thirsty, parched earth.

And the villages gave a sigh of relief. Summer will not be as bad as they had feared.

And soon the hills will turn green again.

We wait eagerly for next shower – hope it will be a torrent!

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nancy said...

Wow! looks beautiful...