Wednesday, August 4, 2010


An international group of 17 women and men and completed a 60-day Psycho-Spiritual Wholeness Journey at Sumedha Centre today.

Among these were 2 Salesians, 2 Jesuits including a Provincial who has just completed his term of office, 2 diocesan priests (Delhi and Chandigarh), 1 Cappuchin priest, 1 Montfort Brother and 9 religious women of whom one was from Papua New Guinea, another from Srilanka and a third from Bangladesh.

“The programme was just wonderful, just the kind I had been longing for,” remarked Sr. Leela, a social worker from Maharashtra with a huge simile on her face. “It has helped me to look at my life in a wholly new way. I go back a different person.”

Fr. John, a Salesian, said it was for him a “grace experience. It provided me the rejuvenation I so badly needed.”

Loreto Sr. Yvonne from Bangladesh said: “The programme touched almost every aspect of my life. It has helped me to experience a sense of freedom I have never felt before. I am going back fully satisfied, having relished the two months.”

“The programme gave me so much more than I had expected. I never dreamt it could be this good. It was very holistic. Every part of the programme was very meaningful and relevant. And the beautiful atmosphere of the hills made a real difference,” commented Jesuit Fr. Tom.

The Psychospiritual Wholeness programme is offered three times a year at Sumedha Centre. The next programme is from October 1 to November 29.

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