Wednesday, October 20, 2010

News from Sumedha

We began the last programme for 2010 - Sumedha Sadhana - on October 1. It goes up to November 29. We have 18 participants (11 women religious, five priests and two religious brothers.). It's houseful!! We also had houseful for the June-August Sadhana.

We were anxious whether the participants would be able to reach Sumedha Sadhana as the road between Jeolikote and Kathgodam had been closed to traffic because of landslides. However all the participants turned up on time. They had to go all the way to Nainital via Bhimtal and then come down to Jeolikote! No one complained!!

Some sad news. Br John's father passed away on Oct 14. He was seventy five. We got the news that night at 9.30. The funeral was to be the next day. John didn't go as he would not be able to reach home for funeral. He will be going home in December. He lost his young sister (during child birth) on October 21st last year. So two big losses for him. Please remember him in your prayers.

Last month we had torrential rains for several days. On18th the rains continued non-stop and they caused lots of damage. Roads in several parts of the State were washed away and landslides killed several people. Part of the road in front of Sumedha Centre (near the BSNL tower) was washed away. It has been repaired. A long stretch of the road between Jeolikote and Kathgodam was washed away and the traffic on that road was suspended for some weeks. The road has just been opened (on the 15th), because of Dussera. The condition of the road is still bad. Authorities might still close it. Marketing has become very difficult and time consuming. We have to go to Nainital, come down via Bhowali and Bhimtal (3 hours to go and 3 to come!). Please pray the conditions of the roads improve. The road to Almora is still cut off.

Winter is slowly setting in. The evening are beginning to be chilly, but the days are glorious with brilliant sunshine and blue skies.

Our 2011 Schedule is given in the previous blog.


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