Saturday, May 21, 2011


Sumedha Centre hosted an Educational Seminar for the Diocese of Bareilly.

Thirty five priests of the Barelly Diocese along with their Bishop, Most Rev. Anthony Fernandes, spent 5 days (May 15-19) at Sumedha Centre, Jeolikote exploring educational objectives and strategies in the diocese.

The exploration was guided by Fr. Kuriala Chittatukulam SDB, the Secretary of the CBCI Commission for Education & Culture.

The first three days were spent in the presentation of the All-India Catholic Education Policy – 2007, co-authored by Fr. Chittatukulam and Fr. Joe Armpoor SDB, and assessing the situation in the diocese in reference to the Policy.

The fourth and fifth days were spent in drawing up some concrete plans to implement in the context of the diocese the objectives and strategies recommended by the Educational Policy.

The Educational Seminar was enriched by the inputs of Fr. Chittatukulam and the meaningful Liturgy with which each day began, as well as the much appreciated hospitably offered by Sumedha Centre. 

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