Thursday, June 30, 2011


The 17th Sumedha Sadhana (Psychospiritual Wholeness Journey) concluded today. This 42-day programme commenced on May 20th. There were 19 participants, of whom four were priests and the others religious women, coming from different parts of the country and returning missionaries from abroad.

The bulk of the programme consisted of “The Psychological Dynamics on the Spiritual Journey” which covered topics such as developmental theory, holistic, mature and process spiritualities, prayerfulness, identity, sexuality, celibacy and intimacy, sexual abuse, generativity, and integrity. Films and music, relevant inputs, sharing in small and big groups, somatic meditations, and  inspiring and creative liturgies enriched the exploration and experience of these topics. Two other major modules were group therapy and the spiritual retreat with which the programme concluded.

Participants were immensely satisfied with the programme. Thirteen of the 19 participants gave it a perfect “10” on a scale of 1 to 10 on usefulness. Four gave a score pf “9”. One gave “7” and another “6.”Eighteen of the nineteen participants said that they got what they had been looking for from the programme and many said they received much more than they had expected.

Comments from participants give some idea about the quality and usefulness of the Sumedha Sadhana programme.

 “It provided me the renewal I was looking for. I go back energised” (Fr. Andrew). “The programme was a ‘miracle’ in my life. It helped to put my life in order” (Fr. Mateus). “I came fearful. I go back happy. The course was excellent” (Sr. Priya). “It was for me an experience of healing and transformation. Though I had made many retreats, the retreat that ended the programme was very special” (Sr. Olga). “I landed up here burned out. I go back renewed and replenished. The programme was a blend of practical, intellectual, spiritual and psychological learning” (Sr. Preetha) “The purpose of my coming is fulfilled. The classes really helped me” (Fr. Michael). “I feel nurtured” (Sr. Stella).

“The course here had a depth I didn’t find in other courses I attended. I am going to ask the Provincial to send more sisters here” (Sr. Jyothi). “I really enjoyed myself. The friendly atmosphere really helped. I have experienced lots of transformation. I wish I had attended this programme 10 years ago” (Sr. Rekha). “The psychology here was different from what I had experienced elsewhere. It had so much more depth, and so well integrated with spirituality. The retreat was the climax for me here. I realised what I need to do” (Sr. Vandana). “I got much more than what I expected. Each and every topic was so relevant and presented with such clarity” (Sr. Rosy). “I discovered my identity. It awakened in me the energy and enthusiasm I had lost” (Sr. Alma). “What helped me most was the spiritual retreat. It helped me really experience God” (Sr.  Anita).

“The place is so beautiful. I enjoyed the Liturgy the best. I regained my spontaneity. The spiritual experience was really good.” (Sr. Shanti “The liturgy was so nourishing. I enjoyed the little responsibilities given to us. Group therapy was really a transformative experience” (Sr. Lalitha). ). “I appreciated the freedom to move around. No restrictions. I could go deeper into myself than at any of the other courses I have attended” (Sr. Ruby).

 “Over all, the psycho spiritual wholeness journey was a unique experience for me. It helped to give meaning to my vocation” (Sr. Seema). “I came here a sad person. I go back a happy person” (Sr. Sunitha).

“I felt homely hospitality” (Fr. Arogya). “I felt very much at home here. The hospitality and services were very good. All things were provided. And the rooms were quite spacey and clean.” (Fr. Andrew). “Food, accommodation, hospitality were very good. Really I enjoyed everything here. We received more than what we require” (Sr. Stella). “Hospitality, food, accommodation, and services were excellent” (Sr. Lalitha).


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