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The last Sumedha Sadhana (Psychospritual Wholeness Journey) for the year 2011 concluded on November 29.  The sixty day programme commenced on October 01 and had 19 participants – 12 religious women, and 7 religious men and priests – the maximum the Centre was able to accommodate.

The major module was entitled “Psychological Dynamics on the Spiritual Journey” and was facilitated by Jose Parappully PhD, the Director of the Centre. Starting from the “Now Period” of their lives, participants were helped to take an inner journey back to the beginnings of their lives and forward to anticipated time of death. On that journey they explored such issues as Spirituality, Prayerfulness, Early Developmental Experiences, Midlife Dynamics of Identity, Intimacy, Generativity and Integrity, Stress and Professional Burnout, Body, Sexuality & Spirituality, Trauma, Healing & Transformation.

Ajoy Fernandes PhD facilitated a module entitled “Jungian perspectives on Self-Awareness” in which he helped the participants to t discover their personality type and its impact on their spirituality, discover and integrate their persona and shadow, their animus and anima.

Shalini Mulackal PhD explored feminist and women’s spiritualities with the participants. She explained the concepts and the dynamics involved in the context of women’s situation within Church and society.

The climax of the programme was the 10-day group therapy led by experienced psychotherapists Peter Lourdes PhD and Jose Parappully PhD and the 5-day spiritual retreat facilitated by Jose Parappully. The retreat integrated techniques and tools from directed and preached retreats, and used music and dance, and fantasy and somatic movement meditations.

Feedback from participants show that the quality and the effectiveness of the programme as a whole exceeded their expectations.

Some typical comments:

“Sumedha Sadhana was a programme that facilitated deep reflection on my life’s journey; very valuable inputs; opportunity and guidance to undertake processes that led me to deeper awareness and openness to God’s working within me; a beginning of the healing process in a number of areas…..My goals have been achieved…. EXCELLENT on every level.” Ananda

“Everything was super. I enjoyed every bit of my time spent here.” Mary K.

The course was very, very useful for me. It helped me to look into my self and evaluate my life from infancy to the present day. It was an experience of digging deep and discovering my self. I gained an understanding of Who am I? Where do I stand as a human being and as a committed person?.... On the whole this course was a real renewal of my life. The course was planned in a way that touched every aspect of my life….Hospitality, accommodation, food, services and facilities were all excellent. I felt really at home. Every minute need of ours was taken care of.” Lucy

“Before coming to Sumedha I was going through a lot of insecurity feelings, depressed at times, fear and anger I was facing. Now I feel I learned to handle and cope with all the happenings in my midlife.” Sushila

“Group therapy was really excellent and I gained a lot through the therapy…. I came empty to be filled, and now I go back full, experiencing freedom….Welcome, hospitality, accommodation, food, services were excellent. No where we will get such kind of services.” Mary J.

“My sumedha Experience will help me to lead a meaningful life and age gracefully.” Vimal

“The degree of usefulness is 10 out of 10. It has been useful to understand myself and my problems and given me understanding of causes of many of my personal problems…The subjects were dealt very carefully and in detail. The introspection every time was very useful. Combination of psychology and spirituality is par excellent.” Vineet

“First of all it was a whole lot of new learning. It was not just learning, but rather a process which took me through experiential awareness. Outcome for me is a determination to live this experience through a process of continued growth….According to me hospitality couldn’t be better. I was at home and you made it to be so. Accommodation and food was superb according to me. Every facility I received here at Sumedha was very satisfying.” Suneet

“The programme helped me to look at my spirituality in a very personal way. I am now able to look at my midlife and my future with calm and serenity.” George

“I needed a period of break, reflection and renewal. I fell that I got much of what I needed. The programme design was greatly appropriate for me. The spiritual orientation of the programme put me on a right track. I am able to forget much of the unpleasant past, and look ahead with hope.” Mathew

“Felt at home and felt most enriching experience.” Clement.

“Sumedha – the best place to experience love, care and God.” Francis

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