Monday, July 30, 2012


The 20th Sumedha Sadhana (70-Day Psychospiritual Wholeness Journey) concluded today, with the participants of the programme expressing immense satisfaction with the content of the programme and the way it was organised.

The programme began on May 22 and had a number of modules such as Psychological Dynamics on the Spiritual Journey facilitated by Dr. Jose Parappully; Sacred Narratives – Jesus’ Story, the Universe’s Story and Our Story facilitated by Gerard Alvarez; Trauma and Healing by Agnes Panikulam, Core Transformation by Dr. Jose Mathew Kuttianimattathil, Group Therapy by Dr. Peter Lourdes and Dr Jose Parappully. The programme concluded with a Spiritual Retreat facilitated by Dr: Jose Parappully. Fr. George Malayil, the Administrator of the Centre took care of the board and lodge needs of the participants.

Comments from the participants show how the programme was useful to them:

“I am very pleased with the programme and the organisation of each day. Everything was very systematically planned and carried out. I enjoyed my stay here. I learned to know myself, change myself.” Cathy

“I have gained from every module. Each of them helped in my personal and spiritual growth.  I feel healed to a certain extent from my brokenness. I have learned to look at things differently.” Daly

“This programme is unlike any other. It is not academic, but experiential. I find that this course has really helped me. I found everything really useful. I feel more integrated within me.” Gilbert

“I have attended so many courses in the past. But this is the one that really helped me. Here I really renewed my life. I experienced so much healing. Really experienced a core transformation within me. I gained so much.” Lucy

“I came here with lots of fear and anxiety and looking for inner freedom. Here I learned to accept myself and reconcile with the traumas of the past. I now experience lots of peace and joy. Feel so free. Feel so grateful. I got more from the programme than I was looking for.” Minakshi

‘When I came here I was entangled in an inner storm. I was helped to probe into myself. The course has changed me. Now I feel relaxed.” Nirmala.

‘I benefited a lot. I gained greater self-awareness. Learned to be more accepting of my limitations.”  Paul

“I came here feeling not very happy. I became aware of lots of darkness within me. Thanks to the programme I am in the process of changing myself. My stay here was very beautiful.” Robin

“The whole programme brought me lots of self-awareness. I came here confused and with lots of anxiety. I go back at peace. I liked my stay here. I felt very much at home.” Shanti

“I benefited very much from the programme. I experienced much healing. Gained from each of the sessions.  I learned to handle my emotions and relate better with others.” Shobhna

“I feel my stay at Sumedha was a blessing for me. I was carrying many hurts within me. I experienced much healing. I go back at peace and feeling so joyful. Each day offered so many new learning.” Sinthi

“I was in confusion when I arrived at Sumedha. Lots of questions within me. The programme has helped me grow emotionally, spiritually and especially in my interpersonal relations. I go back with rich resources.” Sushil

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