Saturday, September 29, 2012


Another Sumedha Sadhana programme commenced on Sept 25.

During this first week the participants were helped to explore what is going on in their lives at this phase of their psychospritual journey and discern what God might me telling them through all that is happening. The main tool used in the process was Ira Progoff’s Intensive Journal Meditation.

The participants are already finding the programme very meaningful. It concludes on December 3.

The following is an appreciation from a participant of an earlier Sumedha Sadhana which attests to the usefulness of the programme.

“I landed up here with a feeling of burnout: spiritually, emotionally and psychologically.

The Process Spirituality and Centering Prayer helped me look back over my life… The classes on early development, midlife transition and its dynamics, sharing and meditation helped me to enter deeper into myself, especially my broken areas, where I had gone wrong (focus on work), what was missing in me (prayer life),my woundedness (from authorities) and chocked emotions (loss of my best friend)… The classes on Mature Spirituality helped me to re-affirm myself with my convictions and values.

As the days went by God was permeating my being and each of my life experiences… I was being healed by Jesus’ gracious presence through the meaningful and moving Eucharistic celebrations.

I became more and more aware of my being and its longing for purpose and meaning.

The movement meditations gave me the awareness that my body is sacred.

In therapy, listening to the life journeys of each, I was enriched and I too could disclose myself and heal myself. I appreciate the conducive atmosphere provided; I mean that here I found myself talking about the past and expressing my feelings without fear.

It was a pervasive and holistic experience – a blend of practical, intellectual, spiritual and psychological learning in the lap of nature’s beauty.

With a deep sense of joy and gratitude I express that I have received what I was looking for.


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