Friday, May 10, 2013


The two month’s “Sumedha Sadhana: A Psychospritual Wholeness Journey” (March 12- May 10) was a wonderfully integrated programme of spirituality and psychology which has enriched and strengthened each member of the group.

The programme brought together the best resource persons. We gained so much from the Stages of psychological development, basic psychological needs, attachment theory, process spirituality, Centering prayer facilitated by Jose Parappully; Jungian Perspectives on Self-Awareness by Ajoy Fernandes; Stories: Ours, Jesus’ and the Universe’s by Gerard Alwarez; and Sexuality, Celibacy and Intimacy by Joe Mannath.

The highlights of the whole programme were Group Therapy, facilitated by Jose Parappully and Peter Lourdes and the spiritual retreat which Parappully guided.

The outings, both the tea by the stream and the picnic to the lakes, were also among the high points of our stay at Sumedha.

We appreciate the thoughtfully prepared and exhaustive handouts that each one of us received which contain a wealth of information which we not only used while at Sumedha but which we can continue to use in future. Besides we were also provided carefully selected books which we could read in order to supplement both the class inputs as well as the reading material we had received. Reflection on movies screened helped us to understand the inputs received in class better.

The liturgies were made prayerful, meaningful, creative and alive through careful preparation. The psychosomatic and dynamic meditations helped integrate body, mind and spirit.

The welcome we received and the care with which our every need was attended to, the minute attention given to things needed in the rooms were remarkable.

With gratitude and love,
The Sumedha Sadhana Group (March 12-May 10, 2013)

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