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The 9- week Sumedha Sadhana – A Psychospiritual Wholeness Journey - concluded, as reported earlier on this page, on December 3, 2015. It had commenced on October 2, with 20 participants from several religious congregations and one diocese.

Comments from participants affirm that the programme has had a healing and transformative effect on each of them, confirming that Sumedha  Centre truly lives up to its USP: “Healing and Transformation.”

The core of the comments is that each of the participants had arrived at the Centre with a good deal of negativity and pain affecting their lives and they were going back as very different persons.
Some typical comments:
Participants' comments

“The programme was systematically organized, one module leading seamlessly into another. I am fully satisfied. My goals have been more than met. There is a very good blend of psychology and spirituality here. And a great family spirit.” S.

“From the very beginning the programme was spot on. The organization couldn’t be better. The content so very rich. Journeying together as a family was the highlight. The atmosphere created was so conducive. The programme is top-class!”  T.

“It was a “Wow! Experience all the way – from the first to the last. The entire programme, the environment, is so beautiful, so enriching. The acceptance and love from everyone was amazing!” F.

“I came with a lot of baggage, clouds of darkness, feeling I was on the road to perdition, with lots of addictions. Each class enlightened and enriched me, helped me take a good look at myself and accept myself and look to future with hope. I feel so much alive. Being together, sharing together has been most helpful.” M.

“The entire programme was well planned, organized and executed. It was very professional in every way. The retreat really helped to integrate the entire experience.” T.

“I had resigned to my supposed fate, believing my life would forever be a vale of pain and suffering. Sumedha changed all that, gave me a new lease of life. Everything is a sweet memory.” s.

“I was focused on work and success, had no time to look at myself. I came here very unhappy. Change started with the very first session. Sumedha challenged me. I wanted to go back, it was too painful to face myself. But then I stayed and decided to face it… I go back healed, energized and deeply touched by God.”  R.

“I came here so confused, my inner self in turmoil. I had lost all interest in my ministry…. Confusion is gone now. I have a clear goal. I experience real freedom.” V.

"I go back having collected lots of fruits from the this programme. I had never let others see the girl who was crying inside But here I opened the door to others to see me as I am. My life has changed so much." L.

I came with lots of worry, tension, confusion, nervousness, non-acceptance of mission given. I go back enriched, strengthened to face the future…” M.

“Sumedha has truly been a journey into the well of my life. I recognized my house was in disorder … discovered the reasons for the same and feel very liberated. I have been able to let go of many things.” F.

“Sumedha experience marks the beginning of a 2nd journey for me. I had come here very hurt and broken. I go back with lots of joy, with a determination to make my life a celebration. Sumedha is truly a wonderful programme.” T

“I received more than what I was looking for. “ R.

“I came here feeling “useless.” There was no joy in whatever I did. I felt I was frozen. Here I discovered the defense mechanisms that were stopping me from being real. Group therapy helped me to discover myself and forgive myself, evoking a new sense of self. The retreat gave me an experience of God’s unconditional love for me.” C.

“ I have gathered so many treasures from Sumedha. I was a dead person when I arrived. I came weighed down by lethargy, loss of enthusiasm, my heart hard as a stone. From the very first Eucharist the stone began to melt. I learned to accept and love myself, enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Therapy took me deeper and deeper into myself and helped heal so much woundedness.” J.

“I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the Sumedha programme. It was a real eye opener for me. I learned a lot from each class. Process spirituality has transformed my whole outlook on life. Liturgies were so meaningful. The retreat was the culmination. I thoroughly enjoyed the food, and the accommodation. I go back a different person.” J.

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