Monday, November 29, 2010


A sixty-day Psycho-Spiritual Wholeness Journey entitled Sumedha Sadhana concluded today at Sumedha Centre for Psychology and Spirituality, Jeolikote, in the Kumaon Hills of Uttarakhand.

Sumedha, a venture of the Salesian Province of New Delhi, is a centre for renewal of body, mind and spirit through the integration of insights and practices from psychology and spiritual traditions. The sixty-day Sumedha Sadhana is the flag-ship programme of the centre. It is offered three times a year.

The last of the Sumedha Sadhana for the year commenced on October 1 and brought together religious and priests from various parts of the country and abroad. There were 18 participants in all – eleven religious sisters, two religious brothers (including a Salesian from Mumabi Province) and five priests (three religious and two diocesan.)

The major module, lasting three weeks, was Psychological Dynamics on the Spiritual Journey, and was facilitated by Dr. Jose Parappully SDB, PhD, the Director of the Centre.

This module helped participants to journey back into their childhood to discover the experiences that helped to fashion their sense of self, and journey into the future to discern how they wanted to live out the rest of their lives. In this backward and forward journey they explored the various dynamics related to issues of identity, intimacy, generativity and integrity.

Dr. Ajoy Fernandes SDB, PhD helped the participants discover their psychological types, their persona and shadow and integrate them for a healthier sense of self during the module Jungian Perspectives on Self Awareness.

Dr. Rosamma John ICM, PhD helped participants explore Women’s and Feminist Spiritualities.

Dr. MC Abraham CSC, PhD and Dr. Jose Parappully led the participants through the healing and transformative experience of group therapy. Five days of silent spiritual retreat directed by Dr. Jose Parappully helped participants to integrate the experiences of the two months and concluded the programme.

As they looked back at their two-month experience at Sumedha all the participants expressed great satisfaction regarding the quality of the programme. Some said it was the best they had attended. One common comment was “I received so much more than I expected.” Another was, we go back “refreshed,” “renewed,” “reenergised.”

Nazareth sister Cecily remarked. “I made a deep journey into my past, my present and my future. There was a lot of time to introspect. The beautiful surroundings really helped. I got every thing I wanted. I go back recharged and re-energized. Sumedha was such a blessing. Very satisfied with everything.”

“What Sumedha did was to help me reinvent myself. I came here disappointed, disillusioned, and disordered,” disclosed Joy, a diocesan priest from Orissa. “Sumedha helped me take control of my life.”

Mike, another diocesan priest, said: “The best experience I’ve ever had. Every thing was a new experience. I received so much more than I expected. It has a given a new direction to my life.”

“I came here broken, finding my life so meaningless,” shared Teresa, a missionary nun form the North East. I am going back with hope.”

For Tesia, a hospital worker, Sumedha was “a profound God experience. I came here confused, troubled, searching for something. And I found what it was. I go back energised, confident.”

All this happened because “every aspect of the programme was carefully selected, beautifully blended, integrated in a meaningful sequence, and effectively communicated. I got exactly what I needed. I thought the programme was organised with just me in mind. I profited from every bit of it,” observed Winie, a Holy Family nun from Sri Lanka.

Supha, a Sacred Heart nun from Thailand, remarked, “I could be like a child here. There was so much freedom.”

“I liked the atmosphere of freedom given here. I felt I was being treated like a responsible adult whether in my personal routine or community. I found the food and other services very good,” said Theo, a missionary priest - a sentiment echoed by other participants as well.

Next Sumedha Sadhana dates: Feb 25-April 25; May 20- June 30; Oct 01-Nov 29, 2011. Registration is open.


K.L. Joy said...

Dear Fr. Jose, this is Joy. I went through your blog and you have mentioned in it all the details of 2 month course in succinct. I thank you for mentioning all our comments in detail. Kindly do start a journal on wholeness journey course which can keep me abreast with the conducted program. Let God bless your endeavours and let the Jesus of Nazereth be your guide. Joy

K.L. Joy said...

Hi friends this is my new ID on google account,

K.L.Joy (Oct.1 to 29th Nov, 2010 batch)

Winie said...

Dear Friends form the 2010 Oct-NOv Program,

I have something to tell you. I came to Sumedha having very high level of colesterole. When I came to Chennai the first thig was to check it. To my surprise, it had come very close to normal level. Please don't say this to any one because for the next program Fr.Jose might have all colesterole patients!

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