Sunday, March 13, 2011

Appreciation for Sumedha Sadhana

My experience in Sumedha Centre, in the Kumaon foot hills of Himalayas, close to Nainital was a special one. We were 18 participants; 5 Priests, 2 brothers and 11 sisters. Except for one sister from Thailand and myself, all were Indians. For two months we live together following the same rhythm of life. Men and women, middle aged and old, all worked, studied, prayed, danced and made fun together.

We participated in beautiful liturgies and rituals. Carefully selected films, books, songs etc were in abundance. We opened up to one another and shared what we were living at a deeper level. Together we discovered that we are all vulnerable, that we are all gifted and that we are all capable of living our lives fully. No one had any reason to be proud or ashamed of. After all, we are all human beings. In the process many of us experienced “healing miracles”, thanks to the expertise of the director who led us carefully through the process, valuable contribution of the resource persons and the understanding collaboration of our companions.

Throughout this experience I never remembered, I was a foreigner. I believed what I learned in school. My ancestors came from India and we have a blood relationship with the Indians. This is apart from being members of the same large human family. My Sri Lankan identity is still very important to me; but it is not a preoccupation anymore.

I will thank God for the rest of my life, for this precious experience I had in this beautiful land.

Thanks to all those who contributed to make this stay enjoyable, meaningful and fruitful. I would like to end this little article with a quotation from “The gentle art of Blessings” by Pierre Pradervand:

“If you ever, even for a few days, had the opportunity to live with others in an atmosphere devoid of all criticism and judgment, where you were accepted unconditionally just as you are, with your strengths and weaknesses, you are aware of what an extraordinary experience it is. Creativity, joy and spontaneity burst forth, hearts open, trust and self confidence blossom.”(pg. 97)

Before the experience of Sumedha Sadhana I would have said this is not possible. But today I would say, what I experienced is such more than this.


Sri Lanka

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