Tuesday, March 29, 2011


“Jungian Perspectives on Self Awareness” was the Sumedha Sadhana module that was completed last week. It was facilitated by Fr. Ajoy Fernandes SDB. Fr. Ajoy is a clinical psychologist holding a doctoral degree from De La Salle University, Manila, and the Vice Provincial of the Salesian Province of Mumbai.

Fr. Ajoy’s module was highly appreciated by the participants. He began by helping the participants to identify their psychological type and then explained dominant, auxiliary, tertiary and inferior functions of the type. He then moved on, using the inferior function of the type as a gateway, to exploring persona and shadow, animus and anima and the contribution of the psychological type to one’s personal spirituality.

Experiential exercises, art work and fantasy meditations were effectively used to explore these topics. Three movies – Chocolat, Spiderman II, and EarthSea—were very skilfully presented to explain the classic Jungian concepts of persona& shadow, animus & anima. The module concluded with the participants creating their on Mandala as a way of integrating psychological type, persona & shadow, animus & anima, and spirituality.

Some typical participant comments:

“It was a very good module of self-awareness and self awakening.”

“Very lively and enriching inputs with lots of depth.”

“The movies were inspiring. They gave me clear understanding of the Shadow….”

“Fr. Ajoy’s explanations and the way of relating to each one of us was excellent.”

“The sessions were very practical.”

 “It was greatly beneficial.”

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Winie said...

Dear Fr.Ajoy,
YOu seem to have done very good work this year too. I feel good to think that others are gettig what I got last year.
Best wishes to you, Fr.Jose, Bro.John and all the participants