Sunday, July 31, 2011


The focus of the programme was self-exploration and self-evaluation of current experiences in the light of the psychological dynamics of midlife and their impact on spirituality and planning how to live the second half of life more meaningfully and with greater self-integration.

The participants found the programme immensely useful and relevant. A number of participants experienced it as “a semi-retreat.” Though psychological, it was also deeply spiritual. The topic that was found most useful was “Midlife Sexuality, Celibacy and Intimacy Integration.”  This was a topic on which participants had many “doubts, fears and questions.” The programme got excellent rating from the participants. All except one gave a perfect 10 out of 10 on usefulness of the programme. The other participant gave a 9.

Some comments from the participants:

“For almost a year I had been feeling very dry in my spiritual life and I had lots of questions troubling me. The course really helped me to get into myself and find answers. I feel relaxed and refreshed.” Alphonsa

“The inputs were inspiring and very systematic and well integrated. The programme gave a deep understanding of myself. Many of my questions are cleared. I am feeling integrated within myself. Lots of time to reflect. And lots of freedom to do what we want and to go where we want.  Felt just like being at home. Clean and well arranged rooms.” Jeevan.

“I came here empty and dry. Now I feel filled and refreshed. Everything was well arranged. The rooms were prepared thoughtfully, with everything needed in place and clean.” Monica.

“A semi-retreat for me. The topics dealt with have helped me to create an integration within me. I am experiencing greater serenity now… the presentations were thorough. I enjoyed the food, the accommodation and the environment.” Pushpa

“The programme was really relevant for me. Just what I needed at this time in my life. The place is very conducive. I didn’t lack anything. My stay here was very comfortable. The food was excellent.” Rani

“I was badly in need of a programme like this. It has helped me to make an inner journey and led me deep into myself. …I felt quite at home. Even when I was little sick, I could experience the loving care and concern” Rupa

“This programme helped a lot in terms of self-awareness, cleared a lot of my doubts, gave a lot of knowledge, perspectives, gave me comprehensive knowledge of my physical, psychological, spiritual and sexual wellbeing. The understanding I gained was not just intellectual. I was able to invest a lot in introspection, reflection, sharing and prayer… The environment is so beautiful and conducive.” Subeshna.

“The classes as a whole were excellent. The presentations were very comprehensive and clear. I was happy with the facilities. The rooms were sensitively prepared. And the food was very good.” Treasa.

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