Sunday, July 17, 2011


Jose Parappully, Director of Sumedha Centre, facilitated a workshop on Psycho-Sexual and Celibate Integration for young Salesians at the Provincial House, New Delhi from July 9-11, 2011. There were 13 participants.

The first day was spent in looking at what is happening in their lives at this period, especially in regard to sexual and celibate integration. The topic for exploration and introspection on the second day was “Sex, Sexuality, and Intimacy,” Some common problems faced by young religious in the area of psychosexual and celibate integration were explored on the third day.

Feedback from participants indicates that they found the programme very useful and relevant.

Some comments:

“Practically all the topics were directly relevant to my life. Therefore it was useful.”

“There was learning, reflection and integration. It was very systematic and informative.

“It has opened my mind in a broader sense about sex, sexuality and intimacy.”

“It was useful for me because it helped me to clarify some of my doubts and provided more information regarding sex, sexuality and intimacy. It helped me look in to my self as a sexual being and helped me to integrate my feelings especially my sexual life with my religious life.”

“I felt very positive about the session. You have organised the session according to our level of thinking. You have conducted it according to our situation.”

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