Sunday, March 18, 2012


December to February is too cold in Jeolikote and so Sumedha Centre does not have any programmes organised here.

During these months, the Centre reaches out to institutions and organisations in different parts of the country.

In December, Jose Parappully, the Director of the Centre and a clinical psychologist was at the Don Bosco Renewal Centre, at Bannerghatta, Bangalore for two weeks. He was invited to supervise the practicum of the counselling trainees there.

In January Fr. Parappully facilitated a two-week Group Therapy at Sadhana Institute, Lonavla.

In the first week of February he participated in a 6-day training workshop in Integral Somatic Psychotherapy at Bandra, Mumbai. He facilitated training programmes for the students and staff of Don Bosco Management Institute, Guwahati. 

He also facilitated a four-day Workshop on "Psycho-Sexual and Celibate Integration" for a group of young Salesian priests at the Don Bosco Provincial House in New Delhi.

On March 1st Sumedha Centre came alive again with the commencement of a 70-day Sumedha Sadhana (Psycho-Spiritual Wholeness Journey) programme with 16 participants.

The cold season continued into March. Spring time is just beginning. The cold is drifting away and the birds have begun to chirp again.

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