Wednesday, May 23, 2012


The 19th Sumedha Sadhana (Psychospiritual Wholeness Journey) concluded on May 9th, leaving a sense of great satisfaction among the 16 participants. Nine of the 16 gave a perfect 10 on degree of usefulness of the programme, four gave 9, two 8 and one 7.

An earlier post on this blog had given a description of the first month of the programme and the participant’s response.

The months of April-May  had six different modules. Shalini Mulackal facilitated “Feminist and Women’s Spiritualities”, Gerard Alvarez facilitated “Stories: Ours, Jesus’ and the Universe’s”; M. Goretti Kanakarathinam faciliated "Befriending Our Emotions"; Agnes Panikulam facilitated “Trauma and Healing”; M. Goretti Kankarathinam and Peter Lourdes led the therapy groups; and Jose Parappully directed the Spiritual Retreat which concluded the programme.

Comments from participants attest to the effectiveness and high quality fo the programme.

“The outcome of the programme was very good for me. I got the answers for so many questions I had been asking for years. I experienced inner healing. Therapy was most useful of all the experiences here.” (Amala)

“The programme was beautifully organised. There was seamless flow from one module to another, spiralling into greater and greater depths” (Anjali).

“Process spirituality helped me experience God in the bits and pieces of my every day life. Erickson’s theory helped me very much to explore myself from birth until today. I received encouragement, concern, care and love from my companions and resource persons. Therapy helped me very much to accept myself with all my childhood experiences. The culmination of my transformation process took place during the six days of retreat.” (Anne)

“Sumedha Sadhana gave me a second life! The retreat was extraordinarily beneficial.” (Catherine)

“My stay at Sumedha is a memorable one. The warm welcome, the hospitality, the love and care, the accommodation, the food and the facilities provided here are very fine. The beautiful nature is also very enriching and inspiring. Really enjoyed the Sumedha experience, including the sunrise I could watch from my bed. Liked the wonderful home atmosphere.” (Deepa)

“I go back as a new person, a free person. I can write a book about the 70 days.” (Eugine)

“Sumedha was a wonderful experience. I came here worn out. I go back strengthened… I received what the programme promised.” (Jacintha)

“I arrived at Sumedha sick, tensed, worried and angry… I go back feeling so free. The feeling is that of being found after being lost. The place itself is healing” (Leena)

“The retreat was very meaningful. It led me to renew my love for God and be aware of his powerful presence in my life” (Malini)

“I renewed my missionary vocation here. I go back to Africa, to Chad with renewed commitment and strength and great joy. I learned the meaningfulness of prayer here. The meaningful Eucharistic celebrations touched me.”” (Mary Rani)

“In group therapy, I worked very hard, step by step to open myself. That helped me very much. I began to feel better about myself. I have gained confidence in myself. Durng the retreat I realized how God loves me. (Nudjara)

“There was flow from module to module. Lots of time for reflection, leading to deeper and deeper awareness. Group therapy was the climax. It helped me to open up, and it brought me freedom. I learned to open my heart to love and receive love.” (Panarat)

“coming to Sumedha proved to be a gift of God to me. I came believing every thing was in control. Had also wanted to present myself as in control, that everything was fine with me. But gradually I began to uncover my masks.” (Priya)

“I go back renewed physically, emotionally and spiritually.” (Rosary).

“Sumedha Sadhana is the peak point of my life. I got strengthened in my vocation and decided to live it more meaningfully… Felt very welcome at the Centre. Experienced it more like home than institution. The resource persons were wonderful. It’s a programme unlike any I had attended earlier.” (Valsa)

“I felt so much at home- no restrictions. We could go anywhere, anytime, including the kitchen…The resource persons were really wonderful. They came down to our own level, ever ready to be helpful… I was very happy with the accommodation. I had a beautiful room with all the facilities. Everything was available for a comfortable stay.” (Vimala)

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