Sunday, June 24, 2012


On June 22 we completed one month of the Sumedha Sadhana which commenced on May 22.  the programme will continue till July 30th.

Most of  this time, three weeks, was spent on the module “Psychological Dynamics on the Spiritual Journey,” facilitated by Jose Parappully, the Director of the Centre. The other week had the module “Sacred Scripture for a Sacred Journey” facilitated by Br. Gerard Alvarez.

Parappully helped the participant to trace the developmental history and its impact on their current emotional and spiritual lives through the concepts of Eriksonian, Self Psychology and Attachment theories. He also explored with them the theme of “Integrating Sexuality, Celibacy and Intimacy” on their psycho-spiritual journey.

Alvarez used Sacred Scripture and the movie “Of Gods and Men” to help participants better understand their personal journeys as religious and priests and to understand the story of Jesus. He explored the Universe Story using the film "Humanity Ascending" and Cosmic meditations.

On 23rd the participants of the programme went for short picnic walking up the stream that flows below the Centre. It was a time to relax and recuperate energies after all the hard work they had put in for month to know themselves better and enhance their psycho-spiritual journey.

On Monday 25th the group begins another module “Core Transformation” facilitated by Dr. Jose Kuttinaimattathil SDB, PhD.

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