Monday, June 11, 2012


I got from the  Sumedha programme what I had hoped to gain, and even more. I came seeking to reconnect with myself and God and to understand my blocks in interpersonal relationships. I go back with a sense of having arrived at, with a deep hope that all I gained here will help me to live the rest of my life more meaningfully and purposefully. It also gave me lot of insights and awareness into life in general and provided a lot of meaningful rituals, tips and techniques. I appreciate deeply the Eucharistic celebrations and meditations and the many rituals we had. I have experienced the power of journaling to understand self. The somatic movement meditations helped me to relax, to come out of self-consciousness.

The topic spirituality was the central theme, I felt, which ran though the entire programme and it helped me a lot to understand as well as to live a deeper, unified life, with a sense of inner freedom and peace. Apart from the many articles provided and sessions taken on spirituality by Fr. Jose, the other resource persons too dealt with it.

I personally benefited from the topic of sexuality was handled. The theories on psychosexual development, the presentations by Fr. Joe Mannath and Fr. Jose Parappully were well appreciated and they helped to understand my personality and behaviour patterns a lot. Now I’m able to make better choices, and love being a woman with freedom and joy.

Understanding my personality and the shadows through Fr. Ajoy’s class, befriending the emotions through the sessions of Srs Maria and Agnes were also significant part of my growth process here. I particularly appreciate Sr Agnes’ contribution. She took us deeper into the emotions of fear, anger, guilt and the trauma of sexual abuse. The mandala on persona and shadow and the dance with the shadow stand out in my mind as being particularly helpful.

Br Gerard’s class too had a deep impact on me as it strengthened and challenged my religious vocation. It was also one of real HIGH LIGHTS of the entire experience at Sumedha. Sr. Shalini brought in a refreshing view through her classes and awakened in us the joy of living our lives as women, the contributions we can make to help women to live a better life.

Group therapy and the retreat helped me to experience the fullness of what I’ve learned in the classes. Without these two SIGNIFICANT  aspects the rest of the classes would have been incomplete. I really thank God and Frs Peter and Jose who led me into that experience of acceptance, liberation, inner freedom and deepening of my commitment to God.

It is difficult to come to just one thing that touched me most, as there are more than one. The retreat was the highlight of all – and in it I appreciated the presentation of God’s love and the portrait of Jesus of Nazareth. It helped me to believe in the personal love of God for me and confirmed me in my relationship with Jesus as a person.

As the name “Sumedha” indicates, the entire course is designed in such a manner that we understand and develop a healthy mindset – (knowledge and clarity on topics, develop awareness and attitudes) – so that we can live more responsibly and purposefully, that we take responsibility for our lives!

Welcome, hospitality, accommodation and food: All of these were taken care of very well. We (I) felt very much at home and comfortable. Both Fr Jose and Br John treated us graciously. And I thank both for the troubles they have taken.


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