Thursday, March 21, 2013


The 22nd edition of Sumedha Sadhana (Psychsospiritual Wholeness Journey), the flagship programme of Sumedha Centre commenced on 12th March. This 60-day programme of healing and transformation will conclude on May 10.

There are 16 participants from India and aborad attending the progreamme.

Please find below a description of the progamme content.

Sumedha Sadhana is a programme of inner journeying together in quest of greater healing and wholeness, so that we can live our lives in more fulfilling and satisfying ways and be more effective in our service to others. A variety of approaches and techniques are used to reach these objectives.

 We begin from where we are, looking at what is happening in our lives at this point on our psycho-spiritual journey. We try to discern what God might be telling us through all that is happening in our lives. Jose Parappully will help us explore these current realities, as also spirituality in the context of changing paradigms.  Gerard Alvarez will help us explore our personal spiritual stories in the light of the Word (Story) of God.

 We then move on to explore the psychological dynamics operating in our lives at this current juncture of our spiritual journey. We look at the quintessential midlife dynamics of identity (who we are), intimacy (the role of affectivity and sexuality in our lives) generativity (how we work and nurture future generations), and integrity (how we make sense of the whole of our life). Jose Parappully will use insights from various psychological theories of development, particularly Eriksonian, Attachment, and Self Psychology as well as tools and techniques from Psychosynthesis, Expressive Arts and Jungian psychology to help us explore these issues.

Working from a Jungian perspective Ajoy Fernanndes will help us explore our identity and understand our personality type and its implications for our spiritual journey, and help us move toward greater personal integration by exploring and owning our persona, animus/anima and shadow.

Sexuality has a profound impact on personality development as well as our spiritual journey. Joe Mannath will help us explore and understand human sexuality and affectivity and their healthy integration within our celibate lifestyle, our spirituality and our ministry. 

Special place is given in this programme to group therapy. In the atmosphere of freedom, caring and trust that the group offers, we are provided an opportunity to face our brokenness and our fears, our defences and our unhelpful patterns of living and relating, and to move toward greater healing and wholeness by adopting and practising healthier attitudes and behaviours. Jose Parappully and Peter Lourdes will facilitate this process. Jose will also be available on request for individual consultation till group therapy begins.

 We conclude our psycho-spiritual journey by seeking further healing, renewal, reconciliation and integration within ourselves and discerning God’s designs for us as we prepare to move back into our routine lives through a Spiritual Retreat. Jose Parappully will serve as guide on this journey.

This programme provides theoretical input as well as opportunities for us to reflect on our experiences and to share them with one another and for personal and common prayer. It is hoped that through this four-fold dynamics of Input, Introspection, Interaction, and Intercession we gain a deeper insight into the psychological dynamics operating on our spiritual journey and integrate these to develop a healthier self so that we can experience greater serenity, wholeness and fruitfulness as we continue our journey into the Mystery that we know and experience as our Triune God.

Welcome to Sumedha Sadhana!

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