Friday, April 19, 2013


A conference on Psychosexual Integration and Celibate Maturity, the theme of the book recently published by the Salesian Psychological Association and the South Asia Formation Commission of the Salesians, was held at the Don Bosco Renewal Centre in Bangalore from April 12-14.

One of the featured speakers at the Conference was Jose Parappully, the Director of Sumedha Centre, whi is also one of the editors of the book. He took two sessions on “Psychosexual Integration and Celibate Maturity: Some Behavioural Challenges.”

Parappully’s topic covered five of the 29 chapters in the book. Based on the participant’s need he focused on the following behavioural and existential challenges: (Re) Awakening of Sexuality and Intimacy Needs at Midlife and Beyond; Celibate Loneliness, and Celibate Friendship.

A number of other contributors to the book were also featured at the Conference. These included Jose Kuttianimattathil ( Psychosexual Integration, Celibate Maturity, Formation and the Formator), Anton Paul (Canon Law and Sexual Boundary Violations), Marie Gabrielle Riopel (Spirituality, Psychosexual Integration and Celibate Maturity), Joe Mannath (Celibacy: Meaning, Motives, and Formation), John Tharakan (Ethical Issues for Formators and Pastors), and Joe Thannickal (Accompaniment, Resilience and Formation).

The Conference was organised by Joe Thannickal, Programme Director at Don Bosco Renewal Centre,  Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore and the President of the Salesian Psychological Association.

The Conference was open to all perpetually professed religious. Forty-one participated

A similar conference will be held at Don Bosco Provincial House, Hyderabad, on June 3-4, 2013.

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