Monday, April 29, 2013


 A Psychospiritual Wholeness Journey
 May 20 - June 30, 2013

Programme Description: This is an inner journey in quest of greater healing and wholeness. Participants begin from where they are, looking at what is happening on their spiritual journey. They then move on to explore the psychological dynamics that affect their spirituality and integrate them in healthy ways to create more satisfying and more productive life patterns.

Programme Content: Holistic, Process & Formative Spiritualities; Cosmic, Creation & Feminist Spiritualities;  Prayerfulness & Healthy Emotional Life; Midlife Dynamics & the Spiritual Journey; Celibacy & Sexuality; Generativity,  Trauma, Healing & Reconciliation; Core Transformation -- are some of the major topics that will be explored. Special place is given to group therapy where participants have the opportunity to face their brokenness and fears, their unhelpful patterns of living and relating and move on to healing and wholeness. 

Tools & Techniques: Insights from Christian faith and wisdom traditions, various psychological theories of development, as well as experiential tools and techniques from Psychosynthesis, Intensive Journal, Expressive Arts, multi-media, prayer & meditation practices, and Sacred Scripture are used to explore and enhance one’s psychospiritual journey. (Age limit: 35-60 years)

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