Sunday, June 30, 2013


The 23rd edition of Sumedha Sadhana concluded today. This 6-week-long programme commenced on May 25th.

Sumedha Sadhana is an intensive inner journey in quest of greater healing and wholeness.

Using insights and practices from spiritual traditions and psychology participants were helped to gain a deeper insight into the psychological dynamics operating on their spiritual journey and integrate these in healthy and meaningful ways to live more satisfying and fruitful lives.

The major module of the programme was “Psychological Dynamics on the Spiritual Journey” which focused especially on healthy spirituality, early life experiences and midlife dynamics.” This module also explored human sexuality and affectivity and their healthy integration in the context of the participants’ celibate lifestyle. It was facilitated by Jose Parappully, the Director of the Centre.

In the module “Befriending Our Emotions,” M. Goretti Kankarathinam presented the meaning of emotions and emotional maturity and helped participants to explore and understand some of their major positive, negative, hidden and dominant emotions and to process them through art, music, imagery, role play and experiential group exercises.

In the related module “Core TransformationJose Kuttianimattathil helped participants experience healing of painful experiences and emotions and learn to live from the core state within them which radiates peace, love and harmony.

The Sumedha Sadhana experience concluded with Group Therapy facilitated by Jose Parappully and Peter Lourdes. Group therapy provided participants opportunity to face their brokenness and woundedness, their defences and unhelpful patterns of living and relating, and to move toward greater healing and wholeness.

The programme received excellent ratings from the participants. Some representative comments from the participants will be posted in our next blog.

A longer (9 weeks) Sumedha Sadhana begins on September 25. Facilitators: Ajoy Fernandes, Alba rodrigues, Gerard Alvarez, Joe Mannath, Jose Parappully and  MC Abraham, Registrations for the same are on. Those interested can contact the Centre at

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