Monday, July 1, 2013


The Six-week (May 20- June 30) Sumedha Sadhana programme that concluded yesterday  received excellent ratings from the participants. Some representative comments from the participants:

“The entire programme is excellent for personal growth. It has been very well organised. Every little bit has been taken care of.… I got so much more than I ever expected.”

“Sumedha Sadhana provided me renewal of heart and mind. It helped me work through the chaos in my mind… I feel rejuvenated.”

“ I felt very much at home right from the first day. Everything had been meticulously planned. …”

“I came experiencing a desert. I go back with a sense of awe and wonder. I was helped to reassess my life, find healing of my woundedness and move on…”

“Experiences at Sumedha have expanded my heart to give and receive love… I go back free and happy. Many burdens have been lifted. …. The spirituality offered here is so much deeper than what I have experienced at other Centres.”

“I came carrying lot of mess, loss of meaning in life… I have been able work through these. The journey here has been so beautiful. I return happy and revitalised…”

“It has been a truly sacred experience. I came here with struggles and chaos, a wounded spirit and spiritual dryness… I now experience joy and pace. My burdens have been lifted and I have decided to create a happy future.”

“Sumedha helped me to discover myself, make a paradigm shift in self-concept… I profited so much though I had not wanted to come.”

“I came with lots of struggle… I have been touched and healed and I go back with hope.  My troubled life has been calmed…. Sumedha helped me to put God back into the centre of my life.”

"I came here with a lot of bondage, discontent… The debris of the past has been cleared. A fountain of energy is flowing through me freely.”

“Sumedha has been a liberating experience… It is a well-integrated course – rich inputs, honest sharing, wonderful family atmosphere, and deep prayerfulness in beautiful and healing surroundings.”

“I felt very much at home. Sumedha is a place where I could be myself. There was no compulsion in anything..."

“Sumedha is a place where we can experience lots of love.”

“Sumedha gave me a new life. It has been a beautiful experience.”

A longer (9 weeks) Sumedha Sadhana begins on September 25. Facilitators: Ajoy Fernandes,  Alba Rodrigues, Gerard Alvarez, Joe Mannath, Jose Parappully, and MC Abraham. Registrations for the same are on. Those interested can contact the Centre at 

See the previous blog for Sumedha Sadhana programme description.

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