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Midlife Dynamics
& the Spiritual Journey
August 12- 31, 2013

Midlife is a period of profound shifts and changes – in body, mind, & spirit; in perspectives, priorities, values, goals, relationships, sexuality, spirituality etc. This workshop explores these psychological dynamics of midlife so as to deepen and enrich one’s spiritual journey. It explores particularly the four basic midlife issues: identity, intimacy, generativity and integrity. Other topics include spirituality, religious life, aging and emotional well-being, sexuality and celibacy, persona and shadow. 

Insights from psychology, medical science and sacred scripture, and the exploratory and healing techniques of the intensive journal, psychosynthesis, expressive arts, meditation and prayer are used in this exploration. (Open to all. Participant Age Limit: 35-62 years)

A Psycho-Spiritual Wholeness Journey
September 25 – November 23 2013

Sumedha Sadhana is an inner journey in quest of greater healing and wholeness, designed to help participants live more fulfilling, satisfying and productive lives.

Participants begin from where they are, looking at what is happening on their psycho-spiritual journey. They explore their current spirituality in the light of emerging holistic-ecological, feminist, cosmic paradigms. They explore and assess their Midlife and Post-Midlife experiences They seek to better understand the impact of human sexuality and affectivity on their celibate commitment, especially in the context of celibate friendships. They move toward greater psycho-spiritual integration through discovering their personality types, redeeming theirshadows,’ healing their hurts and reconciling unresolved issues. They seek to discover their unhelpful patterns of living and relating and work at attitudinal and behavioural changes through group therapy. Their integrative process culminates in and concludes with a semi-directed spiritual retreat. (Participant age limit: 35 to 62 years)

Faculty & Modules
Ajoy Fernandes PhD (Personality & Spirituality). Alba Rodrigues MA (Cosmic Spirituality). Gerard Alvarez MA (Universe Story)). Joe Mannath PhD (Psychosexual Integration) Jose Parappully PhD (Midlife Dynamics, Spirituality, Trauma & Healing, Therapy, Retreat). MC Abraham PhD (Therapy).

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