Thursday, July 3, 2014


Psychospiritual Wholeness Journey of self-discovery and self-transformation – the course offered here -was very useful for me as it enabled me to understand my true self and thus to continue working on my psychosexual and psychospiritual integration.

The Mature Spirituality for today and the seventeen characteristics of it gave me the guidelines to live a meaningful, purposeful and a more fulfilling life.

Learning about Process Spirituality is a great help for me to recognize the Presence of God in everyday reality of my life.

Midlife Dynamics, Sexuality, Celibacy & Intimacy, and the Psychological Dynamics of the Spiritual Journey helped me to understand ‘me’ clearly at this stage of my life.

The topics: “Spirituality and the Evolving Cosmos,” “Stories: Ours, Jesus’, and the Universe’s” helped me to understand that the Universe is God’s Body and everything in the Universe is inter-connected, inter-dependent, and is evolving.

A careful study of the Gospel of Mark threw light on my understanding of Jesus.

Group Therapy helped me to see my shadow side and continue working on it to integrate it. The weekly recollections, writing of response papers and the intensive journal enabled me to integrate the week’s experiences.

Spiritual retreat and integration was the vital aspect of this programme. Retreat experience of “Wilderness and Paradise” strengthened me to surrender myself to God’s workings and to experience His Presence in my life. An eagerness is developed in me to know more about Jesus of Nazareth. The individual help I received here helped me to open myself up for healing.

For me Group Therapy experience was the most useful. I encountered my true self here. It was painful and frightening. Yet, I could look into myself and see the real me with the help of the therapist and the group.
The therapist’s timely interventions and guidance with understanding and personal care was great help for me to understand my self-destructive beliefs and to break them down and to reframe my experiences/events of the past, developing a new behavioural pattern, and to continue exploring myself.

It gave me a great desire to come to a new life pattern with new attitudes and thus to increase my life satisfaction and to bring about fulfilment in my ministry. My decision to engage in continuous self-exploration is the outcome.

I felt that I could have come here for a little longer programme of nine weeks. Within the given time, however, I have gained the maximum. I don’t think that something more could have made the programme more useful because the time was utilized in the most effective manner, arranging it meticulously aiming at the participants’ benefit.

I felt warmly welcomed to Sumedha Centre and without any difficulty I became part of it. I enjoyed the hospitality of Fr. Jose, Fr. George, Br. Binit and the supportive staff.

Accommodation, Food, Services and Facilities were excellent.

This is my overall view of the programme.


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