Saturday, July 12, 2014


The 26th Sumedha Sadhana – A 9-Week Psychospritual Wholeness Journey – commenced on July 4th. Participants come from India, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

The beginning module, entitled “Psychological Dynamics on the Spiritual Journey,” is facilitated by Jose Parappully, the Director of Sumedha Centre. This is a foundational module on which other Resource Persons will build and expand.

The first week was focused on the Spiritual Journey. Parappully helped participants explore the realities of the “Now Period” of their lives, discover all that is going with them, how they are being affected by them and discern what God might be telling them through all these.

He used the Intensive Journal Meditation, along with Expressive Writing and Drawing in this process of discovery and discernment.

Parappully introduced the participants to Process Spirituality and Centering Prayer – a simple approach to contemplative prayer and discussed ways to cultivate deeper prayerfulness.

Somatic Meditations every morning helped participants to move toward greater integration of body, mind and spirit.

Each day’s activities culminated in the Eucharistic celebration in which participants were able to bring before the Lord their experiences of the day and further process and integrate them.

Beginning of the Day and End of the Day Journalling also helped to integrate the weeks’ experiences.

Friday evening and Saturday morning was spent in silent “Recollection” during which particpants had time to further assimilate and integrate the week’s experiences in prayer and through Expressive Writing and Drawing.

At the end of the week, participants reported that they have already begun to re-frame their experiences and beginning to experience greater serenity and meaningfulness on their Psycho-Spiritual Journey.

Saturday afternoon and all of Sunday participants have the leisure to organize their time the way they want. Many of them use the weekend to visit the nearby tourist attractions.

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