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2015 Programmes
1.      (SS-28) Sumedha Sadhana (A Psychospiritual Wholeness Journey) - (9 weeks)
March 15-May 16

2.    (SS-29) Sumedha Sadhana (A Psychospiritual Wholeness Journey) – (9 weeks)
June 1–August 2

3. (MP-1) Male Psyche, Masculine Spirituality: A Programme for Men (10 Days). (NEW)
August 13- 22

3.   (SS-30) Sumedha Sadhana (A Psychospiritual Wholeness Journey) - (9 weeks)
October 2- December 3

Sumedha Sadhana
Course Description: This is an inner journey in quest of greater healing and wholeness. Participants begin from where they are, looking at what is happening on their spiritual journey. They then move on to explore the psychological dynamics that affect their spirituality and integrate them in healthy ways to create more satisfying life patterns and make one’s ministry more fulfilling.

Course Content: Holistic, Process & Formative Spiritualities; Cosmic, Creation & Feminist Spiritualities; Religious & Community Life; Prayerfulness & Healthy Emotional Life; Midlife Dynamics & the Spiritual Journey; Identity & Vocational Commitment; Intimacy, Celibacy & Sexuality; Generativity, Stress & Burnout; Shadows & Subpersonalities; Trauma, Healing & Reconciliation; The Universe story, Jesus Story and Our Story; Core Transformation -- are some of the major topics that will be explored. Special place is given to group therapy where participants have the opportunity to face their brokenness and fears, their unhelpful patterns of living and relating and move on to healing and wholeness. The programme concludes with a spiritual retreat.

Tools & Techniques: Insights from Christian faith and wisdom traditions, various psychological theories of development, as well as experiential tools and techniques from Psychosynthesis, Intensive Journal, Expressive Arts, multi-media, prayer & meditation practices, and Sacred Scripture are used to explore and enhance one’s psychospiritual journey. (Age limit: 32-62 years)

Ajoy Fernandes PhD (Personality & Spirituality). Alba Rodrigues MA (Cosmic Spirituality, Yoga). Gerard Alvarez MA (The Storied Word: Ours, Jesus’ and the Universe’s). Joe Mannath PhD (Sexuality, Celibacy & Intimacy). Jose Kuttianimattathil PhD (Core Transformation). Jose Parappully PhD (Psychological Dynamics & the Spiritual Journey, Trauma & Healing, Group Therapy, Retreat). M. Goretti Kanakarathinam MA (Group Therapy, Befriending Our Emotions). MC Abraham PhD (Group Therapy). Shalini Mulackal PhD (Feminist & Women’s Spirituality)


Course Description: Men have a distinctive way of seeing themselves and relating to persons and the world around based on the way the male psyche has evolved. This has an impact on their spirituality as well.
In this module we shall explore the uniquely male personality features and their development and impact using various developmental theories, myths and metaphors, following especially the Hero’s Journey. Masculine spirituality will be explored through the lens of Mark’s Gospel.

Faculty: Gerard Alvarez, Jose Parappully

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