Thursday, September 4, 2014


The 26th Sumedha Sadhana concluded today (4/9). 

Participants in general experienced it as a “unique” programme that wonderfully integrates psychology and spirituality.

Those participants who had attended similar programmes observed the kind of psychology-spirituality integration in Sumedha Sadhana is something that they have not experienced elsewhere.

Participants evaluated the programme as “excellent. ”Some commonly mentioned observations:

“gained much more than what I had hoped for.”

“a precious experience.”

“a journey deep into my soul.”

“experienced lot of healing.”

“a real gift from God just when I needed it.”

“every aspect of the programme helped to renew myself.”

“the whole progrmame from beginning to end was a growing experience.”

“feel more integrated within myself.”

“very competent resource persons.”

“very well-organised programme.”

“felt very much relaxed, comfortable and welcomed.”

"wonderful environment and atmosphere."

“the food and accommodation was excellent.”

Most participants found group therapy and the concluding spiritual retreat – as a desert experience of “wilderness and paradise” - most enriching segments of the programme.

Next Sumedha Sadhana commences on September 29th and concludes on November 30th.

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Winie said...

Dear Fr.Jose,
Bravo! I am so happy for my brother. Please continue this good work. God will give you courage, strength and the means. May god bless you!
Former participant