Sunday, March 22, 2015


The fourth and last programme the Director of Sumedha Centre, Fr. Jose Parappully, conducted in Thailand this February was for the Heads of the Educational Institutions and Superiors of Communities of the Sisters Servants of the immaculate Heart of Mary.

This Religious Congregation was founded by a Salesian Bishop and belongs to the Salesian Family, sharing the charism and spirit of Don Bosco.

The workshop was entitled “Living with Credibility and Efficacy One’s Identity” and was held at Ratchaburi on 23-25, February.

The first session helped the participants to look at the various identities they have and choose the one they most identified with. Almost all chose their identity as consecrated women and Sister Servants.

Hence the bulk of the workshop was devoted to understanding participants’ identity as Consecrated Women and looking at ways to enhance and live with greater credibility and efficacy this identity.

Their identity as professional women, as leaders of institutions and communities was also explored. The facilitator helped them to better understand what it means to be an emotionally healthy leader and how to enhance their effectiveness as leaders.

Participants observed at the conclusion that the workshop provided them just what they needed and it was a very useful and fruitful experience that truly helped them better understand their identity and enhance their efficacy as consecrated professional women.

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