Sunday, November 22, 2015


Group therapy is an important module of Sumedha Sadhana - A Psychospritual Wholeness Journey -, Sumedha Centre's niche programme.

In the atmosphere of freedom, caring and trust that the therapy group provides, participants are helped to face their brokenness and their fears, their dysfunctional defenses and their unhelpful patterns of living and relating, and to move toward greater healing and wholeness by adopting and practising healthier attitudes and behaviours. 

In the words of Alexander Lowen, the Founder of the Bioenergetic school of psychotherapy, the purpose of therapy is to expand one's capacity to love and receive love, to expand one's heart and not just one's mind.

Participants were divided into two groups. One group was led by Dr. MC Abraham, PhD. A former Programme Director of Sadhana Institute, Lonavla and Founder- Director of Pastoral Management programme at Jnandeepa Vidyapeeth, Pune, Dr. Abraham currently is the Director of the Moreau Institute for Integral Training at Shilling.

The other group was led by Dr. Jose Parappully PhD, the Director of Sumedha Centre.

The groups found the therapy experience profoundly enriching and transformative.

The concluding module of the 30th Sumedha Sdhana concludes with a a Spiritual Retreat beginning on November 24th. It will be facilitated by Dr. Jose Parappully.

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