Monday, April 18, 2016


The Director of Sumedha Centre, Jose Parappully, was invited by the Congregation of Infant Jesus in Thailand to animate two programmes there.

Psychospiritual Integration During the Post-Midlife years.
The first was for 29 Senior Sisters of the Congregation on 29th February and March 2. The theme of the programme was “Psychospiritual Integration During the Post-Midlife years.”

On the first day, Dr Parappully presented the psychological Dynamics of the post midlife years and their impact on one’s spiritual journey.

The second day focused on “Graceful Aging.” Parappully presented latest research data on successful aging and provided practical strategies and tools to help the participants to find meaning, satisfaction and enjoy good physical and mental health.

He also presented the characteristics of a “Holistic Spirituality for the Post-Midlife Years.”

Participants found the two days’ programme very meaningful and useful.

Educating with the Heart
The second programme on March 2nd was for the teachers of the Infant Jesus Convent School, an institution that offers vocational training for young women.

Fourteen teachers participated along with the Manager of the School, who is also the Provincial of the Congregation in Thailand.

The theme of this one-day Workshop was: “Educating with the Heart.”

 Dr. Parappully presented the psychological dynamics of late adolescence and early adulthood and some useful guidelines that help teachers deal more effectively with the emotional reactions of students.

Teachers had the opportunity to reflect on the way they handle their own and the student’s emotional responses, share them in groups and come up with some concrete action plan to enhance their relationship with students.


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