Wednesday, August 3, 2016

32nd Sumedha Sadhana Gets Near Perfect Score!

The 32nd edition of the nine-week-long Sumedha Sadhana – A Psychospiritual Wholeness Journey (June 1- August 2 2016, concluded yesterday to the great satisfaction of all.

Seven of the 10 participants gave the programme gave 10 out of 10 (including two 10+) in terms of usefulness of the programme and meeting their expectations. There were two 9s and one 8.

A common theme running through the feedback from participants is that they have been healed and transformed in ways they never expected. They go back very different persons than who they were when they arrived at Sumedha Centre. They got more than what they had hoped for.

A few typical comments:

“The course satisfied my desires and compassionately accompanied me to journey inward, reconcile with my past, love myself, adopt a healthy spirituality, befriend my shadows, be more open to close relationships. I came to know Jesus of Nazareth and fell in love with him once again. The personal consultations gave me courage to open myself and I experienced freedom. My desire and the goal which I set on the first day of the programme were fully realized. Very Holistic Course.”

“My goal has been realized 100 %. The course was well organized in every minute detail.”

"I came here disillusioned, shattered, wounded, frustrated, full of regrets, wanting to leave religious life. I was able to face my inner demons, experience healing. I go back renewed, recommitting my life to God and a burning desire to be the compassionate face of God to all who cross my path.”

“Every day was a profound inner journey – a mirror held up to me, to see myself more clearly. I have become a totally new person, hopeful of living my religious life meaningfully. Sumedha has been a unique experience, something I never experienced before and one I think is available nowhere else.”

“All the inputs of modules were very profound and enriching. First time I have received such a nice and spiritual course.”

“After a long time I made a very meaningful spiritual retreat.”

"Hospitality, accommodation, food, services, climate were all excellent. The supporting staff had a pleasant smile for me. I truly felt at home. The place was amazing.”

Thanks to the four facilitators of this edition of Sumedha Sadhana: Joe Mannath PhD (Psychosexual and Celibate Integration); Johny Dominic PhD (Unconscious Dynamics and the Spiritual Journey); Jose Parappully PhD (Psychological Dynamics on the Spiritual Journey, Holistic and Process Spiritualities, Spritual Retreat);  Maria Goretti Kanakarathinam MA (Group Therapy); and to the Administrators: Anand Tirkey and Justin Lakra.

The  33rd Sumedha Sadhana is from September 28 to November 29, 2016. Registration is open. Contact 


Maria.G said...

Congrats to you Jose! Glad to know they had a rich and transforming experience.

Maria.G said...

Congrats to you Jose! Glad to know they had a rich and transforming experience.

Herry Johnson said...

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