Sunday, August 5, 2018


The 38th Sumedha Sadhana – A Psychospiritual Wholeness journey - concluded on August 2nd. This 9-week programme had begun on June 1.

Sumedha Sadhana is a programme of inner journeying together with fellow seekers in quest of greater healing and wholeness, so that one can live more fulfilling and satisfying ways and be more effective in their service to others. A variety of approaches and techniques are used to reach these objectives.

A major portion of the programme was devoted to the exploration of the psychological dynamics affecting one's spiritual journey.

Sumedha Sadhana provided theoretical input as well as opportunities for reflection on experiences and to share them with one another and for personal and common prayer. The serious work of introspection and working thorough of issues affecting one was enlivened by outings and picnics, weekly recreation together and celebrations. Creative liturgies integrating the day's experiences was a prominent feature of the programme.

There were five major modules in this programme: Psychological Dynamics on the Spiritual Journey (Jose Parappully PhD); Unconscious Dynamics and the Spiritual Journey (Johny Dominic, PhD), Cosmic Spirituality (Alba Rodrigues MA, BEd), Group Therapy (Johny Dominic and Jose Parappully), Spiritual Retreat and Integration (Jose Parappully).

The programme was much appreciated by the participants and found immensely useful. Four of the 13 participants gave a perfect 10 out of 10 on the Degree of Usefulness, and five gave a 9.

Some representative comments:

“Everything was excellent!”

“The programme is very well planned and wholesome. All the facilitators are very well versed in their fields.”

“Everything had a great impact on me.”

“It really helped me to renew myself and my religious commitment.”

“I feel I have become a better human being than before.”

“I came gloomy. Go back happy.”

“I came with confusion, loss of meaning and direction in life…I go back healed, hopeful, heart filled with love.”

“I came here caught up in much darkness. Wanted to be a different person. I had doubts if the programme would help. It did. My goals are fulfilled.”

“The classes were very, very, very good.”

 “A mountain experience. Mission accomplished.”

“I had a beautiful time at Sumedha.”

“Very conducive atmosphere and very beautiful surroundings.”

 “I experienced lot of freedom here, Could go anywhere. No restrictions.”

“Food was very good and nice. Cooks very hospitable, welcoming.”

“Beautiful scenery. Healing atmosphere.”

 “I felt this was a very welcoming community. I felt very much at home.

“I enjoyed my stay here.”

The 39th Sumedha Sadhana begins on October 1, 2018. Registration open.

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